Manchester United v Arsenal

Manchester United v Arsenal at Old Trafford: Crowd 75,448


by Basil Naimet


It was an intense start to the much anticipated 3rd round Premier league match between Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Right from the outset, the red devils were in control. Nani, Rooney, Evra, and new recruits Danny Welbeck were up on the attack. Arsenal could not match the brilliance that is the well-oiled machine of Manchester United.

When Rooney, Nani and co are in this mood- look out.

Arsenal’s chances were there but they simply lacked cohesion when executing. Even when they got the ball within striking range the shots were invariably off target. One got the feeling it was not going to be their day. The match must have seemed a forgone conclusion for Arsenal who were no match early on.

Only the best of clairvoyants would have predicted what was to come.

In the 22nd minute Danny Welbeck scored first for United when he latched onto a lovely lofted ball from Brazilian midfielder Anderson, and headed it into the net.

Arsenal had their chance to score in the 25th minute when Theo Walcott was brought down in the penalty area by Evans.

The penalty attempt by Robin Van Persie was saved by Spaniard David De Gea, much to the delight of the United players who rushed to congratulate their new recruit.

But it was United’s afternoon.

Ashleigh Young hammered a pearler from 30 metres out. A lovely curling ball that glided perfectly past Arsenal keeper Szczesny’s finger tips to sit in the upper right hand side of the net.

Arsenal were disintegrating.

They lacked any sense of direction especially in the midfield. One would have been forgiven for thinking the team playing United was a team from the fourth division.

The goals kept on coming.

Ashley Young curved an elegant ball from the left  30 metres out, the ball finding its way into the left side of the net.

In the 39th minute Rooney showed his class when he too chimed into the symphony of what appeared to be a symposium of finely tuned goal scoring prowess from just outside the penalty area.

Rooney’s shot beating Szczesny all ends up to sit perfectly into the top left hand corner of the goal

Rooney got a hatrick and if not for the time running out, who knows what his tally would have been. He was in a menacing mood.

There was no stopping United. This was an embarrassment of riches for United Manager Alex Ferguson who must have thought his Christmas’ had come at once.

He was playing one of the competition favourites after all. And devastatingly.

Goals in the 66th, 69th, 80th and 90th minutes by United further compounded the heartache and carnage United had caused.

Only a consolation goal to Robin Van Persie gave Arsenal some semblance of relief.

But at that stage of the game Van Persie would be pleading for mercy. .

Manchester United 8 Arsenal 2.





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