Local English soccer: Wealdstone v Hemel Hempstead

Mickey Randall Wealdstone soccer


Wealdstone FC hosting Hemel Hempstead in North London. I was co-match ball sponsor with my old mate Barry. We enjoyed board room hospitality, including Yorkshire pudding. In the foggy cold, I thought my feet would fall off. A 2-2 result was fair. The crowd was 914.

About Wealdstone FC. (English football is just brilliant – Ed)

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  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Mickey, I love the names of some of those lower league clubs. Shrewsbury, Aldershot, Accrington Stanley, My favourite is Grimsby Town as it can also refer to a feeling of being in bad place or situation.

  2. Thanks Phil. Grimsby Town is a beauty. Havant & Waterlooville, Hayes & Yeading United and Bishop’s Stortford also play in the same division as Wealdstone.

    Last week Wealdstone played Bath City and while Bath is a beautiful Georgian city I couldn’t help but think Bath City might be a discount retailer selling faucets and ghastly vanity units.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    Fantastic Mickey, really enjoying the reports from your trip. Were the lights on because it was a night game or because of the fog?

  4. Hello Luke. Both! It was a foggy, still Sunday and the temperature was only about three or four all day. The fog crept in early and stayed. My feet were freezing- they could have endured surgery without anaesthetic.

    The match started at 3pm and finished about 4.45. But the lights were needed as the sun sets just after 3.30. It was local soccer/football at its best and a cultural experience as much as a sporting one.


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