Lions lose more than the game

While Gerard Healy and the Gold Coast Suns are singing the Timbuk3 classic “The futures so bright (I gotta wear shades)”, their Qld rivals the Brisbane Lions had a glimpse of the future Saturday night and the forecast is for Dark clouds with no sun in sight. The 17,000 odd spectators on Saturday night were promised so much after a win in NZ but I am sure they wondered whether the players left their talent on the carousel at the Brisbane Airport.

Coaches speak of “not turning up to play”, “weren’t switched on”, and “we are getting games into the kids” “structures need to be followed”. Why don’t teams just beat their opponent, get the ball and do something useful with it. Too often the Lions would get the ball but freeze like a dear in the headlights as they try to process the last minute instructions from the 000’s of assistant coaches telling them where on the oval the next possession should be. How about when you have a young team you stop worrying about the process and let them play footy. They are good kids who have played since they could walk. Let them do what comes naturally. They will make mistakes, but they might look like they are enjoying themselves.

They remind me of students waiting to sit their exams, worrying about what they might have missed, wishing they were somewhere else. They most enjoyment they seem to get is when they warm up with old fashioned kick to kick. LET THEM PLAY PLEASE, AND THEN WE CAN SEE WHAT THEY HAVE GOT!

Phew, glad I have got that of my chest. Frustrated is not the word I feel. If I hear another person feeling sorry for me because I have membership tickets I will scream. I am a member because I love Footy, from March to September I am consumed by it. I plan outings around the footy calendar. But my love is being tested, I saw what it will be like when the big fella Browny goes and it isn’t good. The bloody Roar won the Final; I’ve never seen so many orange shirted soccer fans walking around gloating. The Broncos are doing well, state of Origin is around the corner and the only press we get up here is a proposed move to Springfield which makes Waverley feel like Docklands. Don’t get me wrong, I work in Springfield and live nearby but it is no place for footy. Thank Christ the Reds are in trouble.

The Lions need to get a lot of things right to have success but the first thing is to be a club that stands for something. We need a footy head that is not afraid to stand up to Eddie and demand help. We need to be in the focus of the AFL and need to be everyone’s second favourite team. To do that we need to play fast exciting footy with a devil may care attitude. Take the big boys on, stand up to them and fight for our rights.

I would love to write about the game but can’t, it was crap. My poor 10 year old nephew, too young for the glory days, he has to sit at the ground with his clapper. He won’t bring his flag any more as he never gets to wave it. He sings the song with gusto at the start of the game but I fear that is the only time he will sing it. The only joy he gets is the half time ice cream treat. All his mates love the Broncos. At School he is the footy outcast, but he turns up each game with wide eyed optimism. He cheers every goal but alas at the moment he doesn’t do it much.

The tide will turn, WON’T IT, I HOPE.



  1. Dr Rocket says

    Queensland, and in particular, Brisbane has a proud football tradition.

    Not sure that the Lions have ever embraced it, the Bears certainly didn’t it.

    They all think that the history of the game started in Qld started with their arrival…
    such is the arrogance of the AFL.

    The Lions have to go back to their constituents and seek support from the grass roots. They need everybody in the tent.

    To wear the Bears jumper against the Bombers is twelve years too late.

    When the Lions won the flag in 2001 they took the premiership cup everywhere in the state except the Gold Coast….

    Shore up the support!

  2. I watched most of the match, finding it a really good game. In the old fashioned parlance both teams “had a red hot go’, with goals hard to come by, scores tight, and a lot of heavy physical clashes, making it good viewing. Essendon have this propensity to fade out for a quarter, quarter and a bit, which has cost them a number of times this year, but were the stronger side in the concluding stages of the encounter.

    Qldpies 35, the club has problems off the field, and i don’t think they’ll win too often in 2014, but you can’t fault the endeavour they showed yesterday.

    One final point was the intrigue noticing the players on both sides named Merrett. It is a name that certainly has a resonance with both clubs.



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