Likes attract

There is a sporting point to the following observation. It just takes awhile to get there.

The thing I like about sport is the non-sporting vagaries it throws up. There has been an example this week in the pairing of Bernard Tomic and James Magnussen from disparate codes.

My mother frequently used the expression “water finds its own level” to mean that good is attracted to good, and conversely bad is attracted to bad.

Many teachers can attest to the strange phenomenon, whereby good kids will gravitate towards each other and dickheads recognise each other and are drawn to each other almost immediately

So, the pairing of Tomic and Magnussen shouldn’t be as strange as it first seems. From their reports they ‘found each other’ at the Olympic Village. Its like they couldn’t avoid meeting.

Now, I think Tomic has been immature and brash rather than a total dickhead, and Magnussen has suffered from not winning. If he had, all would have been considered confidence rather than arrogance. So they are not complete bad-boys. But its funny that they have teamed up and when I saw it, I could see why. Still, there is a buzz about this and it strikes one as odd. I’m surprised the media haven’t come up with some headline. I guess winning excuses many sins. They may be on the Bernie bandwagon. Watch this space

Now, Nick D’Arcy and Kendrick Monk appear to be the real deal when it comes to bad egg team ups, but they are in the same sport.

So, I’m wondering if there have been any other mixed sporting dick head team ups. Peter Siddle and Carlton FC seem to be a recent one. Michael Slater and his mirror.

Any more? Comments please.

The Editor


  1. Don’t Buddy Franklin (AFL) and James O’Connor (Rugby) hang out a fair bit? Not exactly shy and bashful types who are short of ‘confidence’ those two.

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