Lightning strikes twice – Tons of Fun at Washington Park

Lightning strikes twice – Tons of Fun at Washington Park Cricket Club

They say lightning never strikes twice, but nobody told that to the boys from the Washington Park Sharks 5th XI in the past two weeks!

The Sharks, from Packer Park in Carnegie, have their 5ths play in H Grade in the South East Cricket Association (the artist formerly known as the City of Moorabbin Cricket Association [CMCA]). Its squad includes a motley crew of mostly over-40s (some over 50 and one over 60!), a few young “sub-continent imports” and a handful of Under 14s.

It’s a civilised grade of cricket that plays a reduced 55 over format in its two day games, bowlers are restricted to 12 overs and batsmen have to retire once they pass 100 – and that’s where the lightning strikes twice segue comes into play.

In Round 6, the Sharks were chasing Highett’s challenging target of 203 and lost an early wicket to be 1/6. One of the young sub-continent imports, Sudheesh, joined old timer Stinga at the crease.

Suds’ previous top score was 38 and before the game he told his wife he was determined to raise his bat for his first half century today. Stinga was in some good form, after scoring an unbeaten ton in Round 5. Together they saw off the new ball, took control at the crease, accelarated the scoring rate and eventually overtook the opposition score with a magnificent 210 partnership.

Suds was first to reach his ton, which was far more satisfying than his desired half century. With 14 boundaries, his batting was hotter than a home cooked vindaloo, and even included two audacious reverse sweeps as he raced to his ton. Then, despite a torn calf just after the tea break Stinga hobbled* his way to to back-to-back tons shortly after his partner Suds.
(*no runner was called for, that’s just how we roll in the 5ths, and was clearly a contributing motivator for his 16 boundaries – as well as putting him on the soft tissue rotation roster!)

A rare feat we thought, with DOUBLE TONS in the one game.

Roll on the following Saturday to Round 7 and the Sharks won the toss and batted first against traditional rival Mackie. A couple of quick early wickets and at 2/12 enter Nudie, an experienced club stalwart enjoying a season of playing father-son cricket, and Fat Cat a comeback kid (one of several “Fathers of the Juniors” who’s a Born Again Cricketer and continuing the great family traditions at the club).

Nudie and Fat Cat navigated us to the tea break in control with both passing their half centuries. Then Nudie unleashed after tea with some lusty hard hitting. His flawless Friday night preparation (or was that legless?) served him well and with no sign of nervous nineties he went from 91 to 103 in the space of two balls – the first of these sixes was like a tracer bullet that nearly took out the scorers table. On his retirement, we had the great scene of Nudie Senior and Nudie Junior celebrate his ton, as Junior joined Fat Cat at the crease.

After a partnership of 190 with Senior, Fat Cat continued his innings with great shots and deft placement with Junior as his partner. To add to the family festivities, Fat Cat’s young Under 12 son watched on, as Dad bought up his century with a typically well placed shot through the gap for his first ever ton!

Lightning strikes twice, another day, another set of DOUBLE TONS!! Now, we really think that’s a rare feat and to state the bleedin obvious it was TONS OF FUN!

Go Sharks.

PS a big pat on the back to the Highett captain who allowed the game to continue for a few overs after we passed their score, given both players were so close to milestone centuries. The spirit of cricket is alive and well in SECA H Grade.

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A footy and cricket fanatic. A lifelong passionate one eyed Mighty Magpie fanatic. My writing is unashamedly written with one black & white eye open only - so please don't take offence, it's nothing personal, it's just the black & white way! Also a lifelong player and member of Washington Park Cricket Club, the Mighty Sharks. My 15 minutes of fame includes regular contributions to Hot Pies, the 1999-2004 Fanzine, and regular contributor to the Coodabeen Champions weekly competition from their heady 3RRR days. Go Pies and Floreat Pica.


  1. Steve Fahey says

    A great yarn Ramon, and you have to love the nicknames.

    May Stinga’s great form carry on to his beloved Pies in 2014.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Well done the sharks and ramondobb personally I love reading about grass roots sport
    Having a glimpse at the messenger back here in , SA a couple of weeks ago in separate grades for , Noarlunga there was a 224 no and a 223 no made you would have thought after making 223 no that you would have received the beer mug for highest score of the day !
    A few weeks ago Brad Davis v good keeper batsman for ,Sturt was dismissed
    handling the ball a couple of decades after his father , Garry Davis also a keeper batsman who would have played state cricket before concentrating on his
    medical studies had resumed playing for , Ad Uni in the , Ad Turf 1 day comp in a dismissal almost identical to , Steve Waugh HTB v , India . Garry to his credit turned straight to me as I was captain of the opposition and said , Malcolm I am out no need to appeal while I was still considering to do so . I wonder if they are the , 1st father son to be dismissed , HTB
    Thanks Ramon and all the best to , Washington Park CC

  3. Wow Mal, now there’s a couple of double acts, and a very very unlucky beer mug runner up! You can picture me as Kramer was in The Contest episode, barging into the kitchen slamming down my bet money with an emphatic “I’m out”! It’s a funny old game is cricket and I too love hearing the diversity of unique and quirky tales.

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Ramon. Great to hear cricket in the SECA H Grade is being played in the right spirit. Love the nicknames.

  5. Greg Paine says

    Well, Ramon, what about a follow up article on the 5ths premirship glory?

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