Almanac Teams (and Music): Let There Be Rock!

And it came to pass, that rock’n’roll was born,


Oh, let there be rock!


Bon Scott thundered these words out on the title track of AC/DC’s fourth album way back in 1977. I loved it. Bon is gone; AC/DC? But what remains is the music influenced by Afro-American musicians, music bestowed back in the 1950’s as rock’n’roll. It’s diversified, influencing modern music. Contemporary pop, opera’s, heavy metal, very much the overwhelming majority of music we’ve heard since the mid 1950’s has been influenced by rock’n’roll. So I thought a team of players who share surnames with leading musicians of the last 60 years would be a goer.


Who would coach/manage, as I can’t think of any Colonel Parkers, or Epstein’s. The theme song? Up for grabs, but just think of the sounds this team could produce.


B: R Palmer, (Robert; Freo/GWS). B Lake, (Greg; WB/Haw). D Morris, (Russell;WB).

HB: J Berry, (Chuck; Rich/Foot). J McCartney, (Paul; Coll/Ade/Nm). K O’Keefe, (Johnny;Fitz).

C: P Kelly , (Paul; Syd). D Thorpe, (Billy; Foot/Rich). B Wood, (Ron; Rich/Ess).

HF: C Lewis, (Jerry Lee;WC). B Lennon, (John; Rich). C Judd, (Phil; WC/Carl).

F: P Jones, (Brian; Carl). George Young, (George; St K.). B Walsh, (Joe; Carl/Ess).

FOLL: D Scott, (Bon; Haw). Brian Wilson, (Brian; Foot/NM/Melb/St K.). A Gallagher, (Liam/Noel; Carl/Foot/NM).

Inter from,  B Parfitt, (Rick; Geel). R Page, (Jimmy; SM). I Morrison, (Jimmy; Foot/Ess). M Plant, (Robert; SM). P Harrison, (Paul; Geelong). G ‘Angry’ Anderson, (Graeme; Collingwood). M Hunter, (Marc: Foot).


Many more could have been chosen but I thought this could get the feet tapping.


Over to you Almanackers,





  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Mark Mercury
    Jagger O’Meara

  2. Neil (Matthew) Young
    Lou (Ben) Reed
    Ozzy (Richard) Osbourne

    Jimmy Page must start on the ground.

  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Ripper concept Glen ! Great way to start the week.
    Ian (Graham) Moss – Cold Chisel/Essendon
    Roger (Terry) Waters – Pink Floyd/Collingwood
    Mark (Mark) Williams – Show No Mercy (Song)

  4. Leo S. (Chad) Morgan- Collingwood, 1901. Nicknamed “The Sheik.”

  5. Agree with old mate Dips.
    Jimmy Page must be in the first XVIII

  6. I’d like Jimmy Page on the bench at the start of the game. Then, after a few minutes of the team getting warmed up, everyone in the stadium hears guitar riffs coming from the boundary as Jimmy enters the field to replace George Young (Angus was injured?); the fans go nuts and the opposition are blown away.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Muddy Waterhouse
    Brad Shepherd
    Archie Disco Roach
    Jim Little
    Maurie Gibb

  8. Rick Kane says

    Great suggestion Mickey and may I add Slim Dusty Martin.

    Joni/ Sammy/Tom Mitchell

  9. Rick Kane says

    Emmylou/Tayla/Leon/Bernie Harris

    Barry Hall & Oates

    Charlie/Daniel Rich

    Don/James Taylor/Walker

  10. Dave Brown says

    Tex/Sarah Perkins
    Jack/Darryl White
    Hothouse/Robbie Flower/s
    Jon/Jake Spencer Blues Explosion

  11. I’m putting a band together……
    Freddie/Mark Mercuri
    Roger/Brian Taylor
    Brian/Tony May
    John/Simon Deacon

  12. Mark Duffett says

    Mark/Michael/Mark Jackson
    Jimmy/John Barnes
    John/Dean Farnham

  13. Luke Reynolds says

    Nice team Glen!
    Very happy to see Phil Judd get a mention, magnificent performer on the first two, very underrated Split Enz albums.
    Sadly the only Finn’s I could find were Frank Finn (Carlton & Footscray, 7 games), Joe Finn (Geelong, 8 games) and Ray Finn (Essendon, 10 games). Far less prolific than their musical namesakes.
    Ross Wilson unlucky to be behind Brian Wilson for mine!

  14. Dave Nadel says

    Why Dale Morris when you can have the real thing, Russell Morris (Hawthorn/St Kilda)?

  15. Maureen McGovern (“The Morning After” from the Poseidon Adventure movie)
    Dead Kennedy’s
    Brad “Geronimo” Sheppard
    Jack “Otis” Redd’n (Sitting on the Dock of the Bay)
    “Reece” (beautiful nightmare) Mastin
    The Beatles were Eagles fans: “Oh Darling”

  16. Earl O'Neill says

    Not enough drummers:
    Charlie (Jack) Watts
    Ginger (Steven) Baker
    Dennis (Mark) Thompson
    Paul (Troy) Cook
    Jerry (Mick) Nolan
    Earl (Ambrose ) Palmer
    Al (Mark) Jackson

  17. Thanks for the feedback.

    Mickey i saw Chad Morgan perform live upstairs @ the Railway Hotel in N Fitzroy back in the late 90’s: different.

    True Dave , how did i forget the ‘Real Thing’, played for the Hawks, then the Saints !?

    Luke i chose Brian Wilson, because, he, like the Beach Boys front man was; Brain Wilson !


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