WAFL: Leederville co-tenants looking the goods

WAFL round three…


East Perth, just about everyone’s pick for the flag, have won their first three games but they hadn’t looked overly convincing – until Friday night. The Royals took the once daunting trip to Fremantle for a Friday night game and slaughtered the Bulldogs.

Paul Johnson and Scott Lycett formed a frightening big man combination, Josh Smith kicked four goals and Dom Sheed, Craig Wulff and Sam Butler all played well.

Haiden Schoilte battled hard for a very disappointing South Fremantle who are sitting on the bottom of the ladder and seem to be very easy to score against.


East Perth 20.8 (128) South Fremantle 8.5 (53)


Meanwhile the other AFL-aligned team can’t take a trick. Peel have only appeared twice and both times have just about run out players on the bench well before the end of the game. They led Swans at Bassendean by 34-points early in the third quarter and and lost by 35.

Swans, just about everyone’s pick for the wooden spoon, showed great spirit and have unearthed a beauty in Ricky Cary, a skinny, strong marking key forward who kicked eight goals. Ryan Davis played one of the best games of his career, defenders Justin Simpson, Graham Jetta and Tallan Ames were superb and midfielders Adam Faulkner and Aaron Elari were feisty when things weren’t going well.

Clancey Pearce played brilliantly against his old team, Zac Clarke rucked well and Matt Taberner showed a bit of talent.


Swan Districts 16.18 (114) Peel 11.13 (79)


At East Fremantle Oval Subiaco thrashed Claremont while many in the crowd wondered whether yellow and gold or maroon and gold were East Fremantle’s new colours.

Geroge Hampson was BOG and kicked four goals for the Lions, Chris Phelan had another excellent game. Tom Ledger played well for the Tigers as did defender Brandon Franz.


Subiaco 18.22 (130) Claremont 6.14 (50)


Up at Joondalup West Perth took until the last quarter to shake off Perth and win their first game of the season. Shane Nelson, Aaron Black and Steve Browne again provided the running power, Andrew Strjik kicked three goals and former Swan Marcus Adams had his best game as a Falcon and kicked three goals.

Paul Bevan kicked four goals for the Demons and Jarryd Morton put in a very strong performance.


West Perth 15.13 (103) Perth 13.7 (85)


The ladder: Subiaco 12; East Perth 12; Perth 8; Swan Districts 4; West Perth 4; East Fremantle 4; Claremont 4; Peel 0; South Fremantle 0.


Next week it’s the Perth derby at Leederville; East Fremantle host Claremont at Claremont’s temporary home ground East Fremantle Oval – let’s call it a derby; Peel play Subiaco at Rushton Park and Swan Districts will be hoping to compound South Fremantle’s misery at Bassendean.

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A Footy Almanac veteran, Les Everett is the author of Gravel Rash: 100 Years of Goldfields Football and Fremantle Dockers: An Illustrated History. He is the footyalmanac.com WAFL correspondent and uses the money he makes from that role to pay for his expensive websites australianrules.com.au and talkingfrankie.com and fund the extravagant Vin Maskell at scoreboardpressure.com


  1. I have spoken to the Eagles management. They promise me they will pull out all their East Perth players on WAFL finals eve, as they don’t want to take the injury risk.
    I am sure the Dockers will reciprocate with Peel so we can have a Swans v Falcons GF.
    The way the AFL and their clubs are screwing up local footy is a disgrace, and I am sure they haven’t finished with the WAFL yet.
    They would murder their granny for threepence.

  2. Glen Potter says

    Great read, Les. Keep up the brilliant work.
    I was hoping that you and Peter could enlighten us (non-Sandgropers) all a little more about the supporter steroetypes of the WAFL. I wrote a piece back in March in relation to this.
    I’d love to hear your first-hand commentary on this.
    Our Croweater connections gave a vivid insight into the SANFL supporters, it’d be great to hear your thoughts from the west.

  3. 1. PeterB: I heard you on the ABC on Saturday morning when I was driving near Busselton. It was like this…
    Caller: blah blah Eagles member for 20 years (or something).
    Me: Dickhead
    Titian: I think that’s Peter.
    Anyway what you said was spot on and another reason why East Perth might not be the certainty people think they’ll be. It was the best point I’ve heard made about this alignment thing. The 2000-01 model was different. Post season surgery could be a killer. Maybe you should have your own radio show… I couldn’t listen obviously.

    2. Glen: I’m an East Perth supporter dealing with my club being taken over by the West Coast Evil. I’m at bit fragile at present…

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Totally correct Peter it disgusts m what AFL is doing to local footy they spen millions on the expansion clubs yet at a fraction of the cost won’t have a national reserves competition Dickheads ! You can not have a competition were the objectives are different the real WAFL and SANFL sides trying to win the flag while the afl aligned sides are trying tp develop players and prepare them to play afl there for winning is secondary ( wish I had Litzas ability to say what I really think ) Thanks Les good comprehensive report

  5. As a long time Swan Districts supporter (my Dad trained with the reserves in the 40’s), the alignment arrangement came as an anticipated kick in the guts I just hope that for the same reason that the AFL clubs have – that of developing their embedded players for AFL purposes -that this will act against any WAFL premiership pretensions.

    Anyway,if you can’t get Victorian clubs with mature players to leave their nests more than 4 or 5 times a year( when WA clubs are expected to travel fortnightly and to York Park every year),how could you get reserves sides full of young developing Victorians to travel to the outposts of the colony.

    Talk about equalisation! If every Victorian side travelled interstate 8 times a year -yes Narelle ,there are 8 AFL sides outside Victoria now – they might see that having 2 sides travelling 55000 kms a year is not very equal.

    Carlton don’t leave Victoria till round 11 as an example

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