Late season blues

Everything is falling apart for me. Early Saturday, the first time in three weeks we played tennis, it got washed out when we were playing our third set. To make it even more annoying, we had to drive 45 minutes to get there for one set. At least we got something. Our big rivals, who were ahead by a point, had perfectly dry weather. Ah well that’s life…

At least I had some consolation looking forward to the Essendon v Carlton game. One of the teachers at my school who I’m friends with barracks for Carlton and at the start of the year when we were talking about footy, I was able to say that we were going to beat Carlton, Melbourne and all the other teams behind us, but now as our form has dipped dramatically and we could finish out of the eight if we don’t win this match. North Melbourne is too far ahead and Geelong can pull a win out of their bag of tricks but we can’t. Over the last six games we have lost to St Kilda, beaten Port Adelaide and lost to Geelong, Hawthorn, a heart breaking loss to Adelaide, and lost to North. Now we have to step up against our biggest rival. We hate them, they hate us and we need to beat them and get the eighth spot. Heaps of my friends barrack for Carlton and if Carlton win, I need to stay away from them for a bit…

The first quarter was bad. It could have been worse. We lost Fletch, Carlton were playing like a team not Judd doing everything. Waite and Walker kicked two goals. We needed quarter time to regroup. 5.3 33 to 2.5 17.

The second quarter was bad. Imagine if your biggest rival kicked ten goals against you and you were reduced to a pile of mush. You don’t have to imagine it, it happened. Carlton went from five goals to fifteen and us from two goals to six. I don’t really want to talk about this quarter because I really don’t like to get beaten by so much.

The third and fourth quarters were pretty much the same thing. Jarrad Waite had five goals. Marc Murphy had 37 possessions and four blues had three goals each. It was a very dismal effort from the bombers with only Watson (29 disposals) really putting up a fight. Our hopes for the finals are gone and I have better stay away from my friends this week……


  1. Andrew Else says

    Sorry about the tennis Max. Your weekend needed a win in there somewhere

    I know how you feel. I’ll be buying lunches and drinks for Blues friends this week

  2. Ian Hauser says


    At least Collingwood lost, too. Fortunately my Carlton supporter mate at school was gracious today.

    I said that they should have blown the season full-time siren after 9 rounds.

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