Kicking a bag

It’s the 60th anniversary of a bag of 12 goals from Doody McGillivray, uncle of Knacker Pamela Sherpa. Pamela dug out this report from an old Bendigo Football League record.


We are still slightly dazed in Echuca concerning Monday’s game. After seeing a junior match on Saturday on the park Oval, no one thought there was any possibility of big scoring on Monday, for the oval was dotted with small lakes.

It was a bright move on the part of officials and players to bail off the water on Sunday, and although the turf was soft and muddy in patches, it enables players to mark cleanly and pass accurately.

It was Doodie McGillivray’s day for he got 12 goals , hit the post a couple of times, kicked six points and put a few out of bounds against one of the league’s best fullbacks. It was the best effort by an Echuca forward in the Bendigo league, beating Bert Aspinall’s 10 against South Bendigo in 1927. The 27.16 was the highest score ever by Echuca in the B.F.L and we think it is the highest B.F.L score in post-war football.

In past years Echuca, with a very big side have been hopeless in the wet, but this season they have a much younger side, and although the size is there they have developed a new fast moving system of attack.

Doodie Mc Gillivray is a real utility player, and in past weeks has been used as a stop- gap full forward in the absence of Nobby O’Brien. And what a stop- gap- he heads the Leagues goal-kickers.

Saturday’s win came from the concerted play of all members, and there were few weak links in the side. We were all delighted with the showing of Ken Kick who, at centre half forward after half-time, was a big factor in lifting the attack. Jim Clark tried himself out as first rover and made a great job of it. Time and again he placed the ball to a forward. Mitch Ramage got five goals for the second  week in succession and is showing us the ability we always knew he had.

Kevin Riley was at his peak and others to shine were jack Kirchhofer, Pud Doyle, Leo Waugh, Dick McGillivray, Lachie McKindlay and Jack Dorgan. Kevin Fitzpatrick, a newcomer from Lake Boga, made his debut and showed a lot of promise on the wing. Our rover, Jim Anderson , has been transferred in the Post Office , but we hope to have him back later.

The town is all agog about today’s big match against Sandhurst, and we hope to have the top place by to-night. They beat us easily at Echuca in the first round, but we have improved since then. For today we have Nobby O’Brien home on leave from Puckapunyal , and can promise the Bendigo patrons some spectacular marking from this young player.

Players are very keen this year, but the Seconds are not showing the enthusiasm required of them .As we have no ground for our Seconds except in curtain raisers, they have had to play five consecutive games away. This has caused some falling away in interest among some of the older players but we have unearthed a new set of juniors prepared to go to the South Pole for a game of football. We expect a big improvement from these lads in the next few weeks.

The social committee staged its social on Monday night and even with no “rest day” to follow the attendance was the biggest this year. Another will be staged tonight – a special effort this time for 12 Carlton Football Club mates of Jim Clark are coming over from Euroa, where they wil lbe playing Hawthorn.

Incidentally, the club is delighted with the showing of Ken Christie in the Melbourne side this season. Ken was one of the best in the B.F.L  but after taking a little while to settle down , has now become a regular member of the Melbourne side.

Echuca 27.16 d Kyneton 8.3


  1. Thanks Pam, I always enjoy reading the Echuca Excerpts…

    A couple of names bring back some memories – started at Echuca East Primary school with Kevin Riley’s son, Chris and Ken Christie’s daughter, Susan.

    Chris Riley is better known as Father Chris Riley of Kids Off The Street program in Sydney. Went to his joint 50th birthday party with Craig Davis at the SCG a few years ago…
    Had a great time talking to Kevin about footy in Echuca in the 50s – we’d both played under the Great Jim Clark at different clubs and in different eras. sadly Kevin passed away recently.

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