Kangaroos from the Ovens and Murray

The Ovens and Murray league, has long been recognised as one of the strongest country footy competitions. North Melbourne had it as part of their recruiting zone for many years, and recruited many top players from its ranks.

Before we proceed I will qualify by saying the following. There are players in this team who are  from the Benalla Football Club.  Benalla are no longer part of the Ovens and Murray league, but the players in this side, like Gary Cowton, played for Benalla whilst they were in the  Ovens and Murray league. North Melbourne  also recruited players from other competitions in North Eastern Victoria, like  Xavier Tanner,who played in the top North Melbourne sides of the 1970’s, but he came from the adjacent Ovens and King League.

Here we go:

B: R Henshaw, D Henderson, P Ryan

HB: G Cowton, P Bryce, JPerry

C: P Chisnall, P Spargo, D Pretty

HF: S Kekovich, J Duthie, J Stevenson

F: P Baker, J Longmire, D Steele

Foll: M Nolan, J Byrne, V Doolan

Inter: P Doherty, P O”Donoghue, S Hickey, M Stilo


Who is missing? Who could change positions? Please let me know.




  1. G’day Glen.
    I reckon I would have Hamish McIntosh (Lavington) in there,
    even if only on the bench.

  2. Skip of Skipton says

    My old ’77 GF replay record is telling me that X.Tanner was recruited from Wodonga, Glen.

  3. matt watson says

    That’s a pretty strong team there.
    I am currently reading Footy’s Glory Days by Elliot Cartledge.
    He discusses how clubs thrived or faltered on the strength of their country zones.
    The zones were meant to be rotated.
    Of course, the rich clubs protested at that…

  4. Thanks for the feedback Gents. I had Hamish Mcintosh in my original side, redid the team, then i forgot about him, leaving hm out; not a smart move.

    Xavier Tanner; i’l need to do my homework again. I thought he was from one of the Ovens and King sides, Tarrawingee or somewhere similar.


  5. Skip of Skipton says

    Open it up to the Ovens and King aswell. Shame for A. Jarrott of Moyhu to be missing out. League record for most games played in the #47, you know.

  6. tony robb says

    Tanner definitely played for Wodonga. i played some footy with his at school and my old man tried to get him to the Tigers. The Spargos live a few door down from me and I used to have kick with him after school. Bob Spargo played for Footscray in the 61 GF. Peter Chisnell used to be the runner as Albury as Corowa wouldn’t clear him to play with the Tigers. Super athlete and nice bloke. Keka has to play at CHF for mine.

  7. Yes, i owe a profuse apology. At my stage of life i should not rely primarily on my memory, rather i should look up the relevant documentation more often. Xavier Tanner did indeed play for Wodonga.

    Tony do you ever get a chance to pop across to Tungamah to visit Mr Chisnalls pub? I highly recommend it,. Good service, good tucker, cold drinks; it covers all bases.


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