Just How Good are the AFL and Netball Communities?

I live in sunny Queensland where AFL is not the sport of choice but where AFL is clearly growing.

My eldest son, daughter in law and 5 grandkids live in Bacchus Marsh in Victoria and while I am biased I think that they have dealing well with more things than most families should have to deal with.

Every day I see on the TV and in the newspaper so much of people wanting and demanding or pointing and blaming. It is such a contrast to AFL , Netball (and many sporting communities) where people are accepted regardless of their race, their religion, where they come and their level of ability. There is much our broader community could learn from the AFL and Netball communities and in most cases the broader sporting community.

The reason I asked the question at the top of this article and the link between me talking about my son, daughter in law and grandkids is something special that is occurring this Sunday June 28 from 8.00 am in Bacchus Marsh involving both AFL and Netball.

One of my grandkids Sienna has a dream to walk and right now she cannot. She has been accepted to go to the USA for an operation so that she can walk. While Sienna and her family have been raising funds to make this dream happen, the Bacchus Marsh AFL and Netball community have stepped up and decided to help Sienna make her dream come true.

Just how much that says about these communities and about the Bacchus Marsh community cannot be overstated – Share the Dream and be part of the solution and be proud of the AFL and Netball communities!!

UNited we Stand





  1. Parsimony says

    A big thank you to everyone who supported this special event in Bacchus Marsh to help Sienna walk.
    Thanks to the Bacchus Marsh Cobras and Devils.
    Thanks to Channel 9 in Melbourne who sent a crew out and interviewed the family.
    Thanks to the Herald Sun who had a story on the front page of their online edition.
    A special thanks also to each of the Footy Almanac community who supported Sienna.

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