It’s “Bart! Bart! Bart” all the way to the post

by Mark “Makybe” Freeman

Bart, Bart, Bart! When will we ever learn? Amazing, extraordinary, unbe-fuckin’-lievable … anyway, it’s all in the papers for you to read.

Viewed did get an amazing passage through on the inside, while stablemate Roman Emperor worked harder for his second placing, so perhaps he might be the one to get on for the Melbourne Cup.

Other than Bart’s quinella, Vigor was brave for third, having come across to the leading division from his car-park gate, while Daffodil battled solidly for fourth but had every chance in the run. But as far as good Melbourne Cup trials, there was little besides Bart’s boys.

This little black duck was disappointed that the Cumani’s Cima De Triomphe didn’t steam home for fourth. This is because I’d finally nailed a promising double early in the spring featuring Irish Lights and Cima at odds of close to 1000-1, with a lazy fiver set to earn me five grand.

I was all set to, er … as the Americans would have it, root for Francesca Cumani this spring, but with Cima failing miserably, that little ticket went up in smoke.

Daff’s cash was blown on Secret Flyer, who ended up unfancied due to the perceived lack of pace in the race – which proved the case. He was baulked for a run early in the straight, but was never a winning chance once they dawdled in front for the first 800 metres.

So we’re off to Money Valley for the Cox Plate on Saturday, still $300 in the black, Daff.

But how can they beat Whobe?


  1. Peter Flynn says

    Makybe (and others),

    The racetrack is rich in colourful vernacular, sayings and all sorts of odd code.

    I’m no Samuel Johnson but I do want to add a word to the racetrack vocabulary.

    To prevent the occurrence, realisation or attainment of a winning bet by Bart.

    Bart is as cunning as a s/house rat.
    His horses often improve out-of-sight and there are never any questions asked.
    It’s just accepted.

    I have spent decades trying to decipher Bartlish. Not very well obviously.
    I thought that of the three, he favoured Roman Emperor.
    I thought Viewed would run a good race and escape a penalty. I reckon 1.5kg now.

    A fraction of the quaddie meant I ended up on the day and covered my Cups double.
    I had Roman Emperor into Speed Gifted to win thousands.
    I listened to the last leg of the quaddie from Beach 5 at Venus Bay. Looking out to a stroppy Bass Strait.
    Well recommended when you are stroppy with Bart.

  2. Peter Flynn says


    At 4.12pm, my wife asks how the Cups Double went.
    The swift retort was, “I’ve been effing barted again.”

  3. Mark Freeman says

    Excellent addition Peter, the verb Barted. I was Barted on Sat – just as I was when Rogan Josh rolled them in ’99, Let’s Elope in ’91 and even Gold And Black in 1976 – not his cup win one year later, for which he was a pretty good thing, but Gold and Black in the McKinnon in 76 when he looked no chance as the rank outsider.

    Certainly Viewed last year was a killer example, last in the McKinnon (not even a closing last) and comes out and wins the cup. S’pose we just have to make different punting rules for him, but for me that’s all a bit late now.

    At least he’s a great character. I’d hate it if he always rolled me and was unlikeable to boot.

  4. Peter Flynn says


    Agree with your remarks.
    We’ve all been Barted in the past. Some more than often.
    Gold and Black, Lets Elope and Saintly are my Bart Cup winners.

    Trying to decipher Bart’s code, I don’t think Viewed was meant to win on Saturday.
    I reckon Roman Emperor was supposed to win the Caulfield Cup and Viewed the Melbourne Cup.

    The 1 kg penalty is recognition that Greg Carpenter didn’t give Efficient enough weight in the 1st place.
    I note that Efficient has been scratched from 2 Cups.

    I am backing Bart’s horse in the Plate.
    It’s a very ordinary edition of a great race.
    I hope El Segundo runs well for C Little.

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