It is time for Mick to call it a day


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Perhaps Malthouse should take some of his own advice and quit coaching.

When the Collingwood premiership coach joined the rival club he brought plenty of hope and optimism to the success starved Blues supporters.

His club is now in a worse position than when he first took the reins.

The Blues need to cut its losses and replace him with a young coach with genuine energy and fresh ideas.

You almost wonder whether Mick took on the role in spite of his awkward departure from the Magpies.

Or perhaps it was the almighty dollar that tempted him.

There is no doubting that Malthouse has achieved a lot during his playing and coaching career but his petulant behaviour on the weekend was embarrassing.

He insisted on having a verbal stoush with Channel Seven’s Cameron Ling, as his side went into the half time break full of momentum against arguably the best team in the competition.

Is it too much to suggest that his lack of concentration contributed to the Blues third quarter capitulation?

His behaviour on Saturday night does not come as a surprise and he regularly takes his frustration out on innocent journalists who are just trying to do their job.

This is ironic when you consider that his daughter, Christie, is a reporter.

I wonder what Malthouse would think if he saw other coaches speak to his daughter the way he does to journalists.

Malthouse lacks self-control, which was evident with his incident with Stephen Milne during a match a couple of seasons ago.

After the way he has treated them, I find it hypocritical that he is happy to work for the media in between coaching gigs.

In reference to Chris Judd’s playing future, Malthouse told the Herald Sun that he shouldn’t drag his career out.

“I’ve seen too many great players, unfortunately, walk the boundary at the end of their careers and people only remember them the way they played their last year”.

This may also ring true for coaching and it will be a sad result if Mick is remembered as a senile, frustrated, football coach.

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Born and bred in Darwin, Northern Territory, I am a young, aspiring football writer that lives and breathes the game of Australian Football. I'm also a keen player and coach.


  1. Peter Flynn says

    Hi Jackson,

    No I’d prefer that he left with no dignity.

  2. The People's Elbow says

    How is it that everyone automatically falls in line with the it’s Mick’s fault narrative.

    Carlton is an IKEA entertainment unit hopelessly put together over six years by Brett Ratten — shit is not where it’s supposed to be and there are a couple of parts over that he didn’t know what to do with, but it was still for the most part functioning. If it’s to be built properly and operate at it’s most effective, it has to be pulled apart first – and of course it doesn’t look great in pieces on the floor, but I’ll think you’ll find when it’s put back together there’s a notable improvement. He’s not even been in the joint two years and people want to write him off despite his record? Why?

    Because he’s old.

    Because he’s grumpy.

    Jesus, if I had to turn up after a loss and field banal question after banal question from football ‘journalists’ with room temperature IQs, I’d be a helluva lot more grumpy than Mick. I’d probably throw shit.

    And on the weekend — sure, everybody loves the “jovial Mayor of Geelong” Cameron Ling, but forgets the “murdered a Canadian priest in 1998” Cameron Ling.


  3. I see I called him grumpy “od” (sic) Mick in the teaser on the home page. Freudian slip?
    I think I’ll leave it that way.

  4. litza, Technically, is it murder if the bloke’s rocking an afterlife? Isn’t it just like helping the dude move house?

  5. Litza – “murdered a Canadian priest in 1998”? Please explain. These references are all getting too obscure, and don’t stand up to literal interpretation.

  6. matt watson says

    I like Mick but I’m not a fan of his press conferences.
    I’ve only seen him live once, after the 2009 preliminary final loss to Geelong.
    Collingwood was hammered. I thought Mick would be furious but he was polite, respectful and contemplative.
    I’ve seen vision of him respond to ridiculous questions and not lose it too.
    He’s been a gutsy coach, going west for the Eagles, picking up Collingwood when they finished last and going to Carlton with a middling list.
    He has a history of turning clubs around.
    Unless something dramatic happens next year, Malthouse might not get enough time to improve the Blues.

  7. I wonder whose spin doctors will be last to pull out the ‘blame the old mob’ chestnut – Tony A or Mick?

  8. Not gonna lie he’s a pretty grouse uni lecturer/guest speaker though.
    Might be a better career path for him actually!

  9. The People's Elbow says

    I’m just running a Ling smear campaign – the priest thing may have come into my head after seeing a brilliant film on the weekend – ‘Calvary’ (Brendan Gleeson is terrific,) .

    ajc – you make an excellent point, although I’d suggest there are more than a few priests rocking an afterlife in the hot place.

  10. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    I’d like to see him go out on a humble note. Preferably coaching the Blues to back-to-back Wooden Spoons in 2015-16.

  11. You have to learn to love Mick all over again after his churlish behaviour.

    His ability to convey enthusiasm and experiences of Aussie Rules is fantastic and well worth a listen. Although folks laugh at his press conference antics, I’m not sure he has the capacity to do so himself. To excuse your own behaviour because of others might wash for the occasional slip up, but this continues and repeats can not be blamed on others.

    All being said, Mick did read the “Art of War” at some stage, I’m sure.

    Don’t retire Mick, just send in a double to do your pressers.

  12. Time for Mick to call it a day, I don’t think so…All I can say as a North person is beware of the cunning coach Malthouse. He has plans for North, don’t worry. He doesn’t rate them and feels they are susceptible to the Carlton toughness. Behind closed doors, he reckons North doesn’t like it too hard and will endeavour to exploit this tomorrow night. Beware Tuohy, beware Robinson, they could be lethal weapons tomorrow night. Don’t believe this North are dangerous stuff, he’s just trying to get them relaxed and get an easy kill. Very cunning Mick. But, we at North are ready. We will stand up to your team’s crap and go on with the game. We know you don’t rate us, but we will respond with our own special brand of toughness. He believes that if his team play a fast game North will panic. Maybe before, but not now Mick. We will dictate the game . So take your garbage and go back to bloody Lygon Street. Go North! Scott, Swallow, Petrie, Harvey..lead strong and play hard.

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