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This is an unabashed plug for a footy product I have developed called INTERCHANGER.

It was spawned from my own frustrations 35 years ago (yes, 35 years) when I was stuck in the back pocket of my under 15 team (Coorparoo) that had won its first six games for the year by 10 goals or more.

The team boasted none other than Jason Dunstall, and a lot of others who were better than him at that time. I wasn’t hopeless, but certainly no superstar.

I went to the coach after the sixth match and asked if I could get a run up the ground. He said that I needed to prove myself. I pointed out that the ball had only been in the back line a half dozen times in the previous three matches. He shrugged his shoulders, and I quit the team. I played for a lowly club for a while (Wynnum Vikings), but eventually took up umpiring as all my mates and family were at Coorparoo.

Junior coaches focused on winning, and not rotating their players to give them an opportunity to develop continually frustrated me when I worked in football development in the 1990s and early 2000s. Children who spend too much time on the bench drop out of sport.

At senior football I witnessed many matches in which the team that rotated their players efficiently ran over the top of those who left the same players trudging through the midfield whilst their opponents ran away from them on fresh legs.

East Brighton Football Club has won the Division 1 in the Eastern Football League (Melbourne) for the last couple of years. They manage over 100 interchanges per match.

About eight years ago the Brisbane Lions asked if we could provide some software that assisted them with player rotations. In 2015 10 AFL clubs are using that software as do 20 semi-professional and amateur clubs.

We have developed an Ipad application based on that software that is suitable and affordable for use by community football at both senior and junior levels.

It provides the opportunity to set player time limits, and gives warnings to the coach when a particular players time limit is approaching. It records a player’s time forward/mid/back/bench.

The iPad application is designed to replace the traditional coaches board, and provides the opportunity for the coach to take electronic notes during the game.

There is an add-on package that is also available to record individual and team statistics.

The data is updated live and available on our website for the coach to analyse during and after the game.

If a Footy Almanac person would like a discounted license please send me an email. ([email protected])

You can download a free trial on the Apple store if you like.



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