Instant coffee – surely we can do better….

On my first day at Almanac HQ our esteemed figurehead J Harms offered me a hot drink.


As I was in Northcote, the spiritual home of the barista (excluding Mathilde’s much loved duo) I decided to try my luck. “I’d love a latte” came my response.


The slightest tilt of the head gave it away. Wrong answer. You could see the boy from Oakey thinking “latte… bloody Hawthorn supporter.” I drank my white coffee in silence.  Surely the Almanac could do better…


It’s taken a little time, but the Almanac has done better. Much better. Almanac reader and Cats fan Mark Clatworthy has come on board with his specialty coffee – Ocean Grind.


Ocean Grind is a micro-roastery located in Jan Juc, Victoria. Mark’s family has been in hospitality for decades, however Mark took a slight detour and became a structural engineer. A few years ago Mark realized that his only true passions were quality coffee and the ocean. Ocean Grind was therefore born.


Mark sources specialty coffee beans from ethical sources and hand roasts them with care.

If you would like freshly roasted, award winning coffee delivered to your door then CLICK HERE to jump on the site or ring Mark on 0448 884 099. If you purchase a three-month subscription and mention the Almanac on checkout Mark will throw in an extra bag for you to enjoy!



  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Coffee??? Here I was thinking that all that got consumed at Almanac HQ was Murrindindi Shiraz……

  2. Hmmm… maybe the podcast recordings should be switched to mid-mornings?

  3. Northcote is the spiritual home of the barista? Carlton begs to differ.

  4. A latte?
    And you still managed to get Ocean Grind to be associated with the Almanac?

    Well played!

  5. Mark made me a coffee sunday morning and it was pretty nice. Oh yes, it was a latte and I barrack for the hawks, will be enjoyable watching Hawks flog the Ds from the dining room Saturday twilight…

  6. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    I’ll be letting the Sydney boys know about Ocean Grind …

  7. Its Maxwell House and stale scotch fingers over here at Almanac West. Fortunately Mark is sending me a half dozen bags of his Ocean Grind wonder blend.
    I have asked him to invoice Almanac petty cash.
    I hope Harmsy hasn’t been using it for the Saturday quaddies (I remember those days all too painfully).

  8. mickey randall says

    As an adjunct, is there a more over-rated coffee in our galaxy than Starbucks?

    The best coffee is the one someone makes you at home.

  9. Warwick Nolan says

    I am sure Ocean Grind is a fine brew. Although the brand name doesn’t seem to immediately resonate with the target commodity ?

    Unlike the beverage enjoyed recently at a WRFL ground . . . Cafe en tous cas.

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