India v Australia Test Series


The India v Australia had a lot to offer, a lot of pride on the line, a trophy, a higher test ranking. The selectors picked the Indian series really well but the players didn’t seem to play to the potential, but glimpses were shown at times. It wasn’t to bad against a world class team on their soil.


Test 1:

The day that it started was a pupil free day for me, I went and got the Adelaide oval tour which was really cool. I went with my grandparents and when we got back to their house they had played about 2 overs of the test. Matt Renshaw was going slowly but surely with David Warner before Warner got bowled by Yadav, Renshaw continued on for 30 more than Warner’s 38. Marsh, Smith and Handscomb could have made some runs but instead decided to go for 16,27 and 22. Mitch Starc ended up being our second highest scorer when he got 61. The rest of the middle and tail were not good at all. Ravi Ashwin bowled 34 overs and picked up 3/63 with an economy under 2. Yadav bowled 12 and picked up 4. In the end Australia all out for 260.


Hazlewood got the early wicket of Vijay which gave the Australians all the confidence in the world, which was really good because we Pujara out next through Starc. Then the best thing happened it just got even better. Virat Kholi out for a Duck 2nd ball, Mitchell Starc 2 wickets and Hazlewood 1. O’Keefe Lyon O’Keefe, Rahane Ashwin Saha, 13 1 0, By this point O’Keefe and Starc had 2. O’Keefe ripped apart the tail-end with the last 5 batsman all scoring less than 5, that meant that O’Keefe had 6 wickets and more importantly, Australia bowled India out for 105 giving Australia a 155 lead into the second innings which is a lot easier than it could have been.


In the second innings Australia had the control of the game, Renshaw got of for a pee break 15 minutes before lunch which got Allan Border grumpy and Steve Smith not happy. Warner in the first innings didn’t play that well, he didn’t play very well in the 2nd innings. It took Shaun Marsh 21 balls to get out for a duck. But Steve Smith played another brilliant innings for Australia, he is my favourite player and I love watching him play, especially when he gets 109. I also see Peter Handscomb play really well in Australia but he only got out for 19. Renshaw and Mitch Marsh both get out for thirty ones which could of been a good score. Wade and Starc again could of had a really good score but they had a nothing score, but at the same time it is better than a duck. O’Keefe, Lyon and Hazlewood get out for low scores and the Australians are all out for 285.


The Indian’s need 440 runs, I don’t think that they will get this, but they could still get it, after all India are one of the best cricket sides in the world. Vjay and Ruhal don’t have a good start, 2 and 10. This is not a start that India wanted. Your openers set the tone for the whole innings, that’s what happened this time. Pujara could have done a good innings but he just gets out 30. Virat Kholi has another bad innings as 13. From this point it is just watching the Indians fall apart and get out for 107. The Australians made a good start to the test, India the opposite. Can the Indian fans cheer them on for a series come from behind win or can the Australians extend their lead and win in unknown territory. Australians win by 333.


Test 2:

Mukund a duck, and a bad tone set for the whole match, luckily he has a good opener partner, Ruhal. Ruhal gets 90, a very good innings. He is a really good player. So is Virat Kholi, but Kholi gets out for 12 after Pujara’s 17. The rest of the scores are nothing scores, a nothing innings of 189.


The second innings, Warner gets a nothing score of 33 and Renshaw gets and almost score of 60. Steve Smith gets out cheaply for 8 and Shaun Marsh gets a score of 66. Nothings from here, Australia gets out for 276.  I hate when Australians get nothings.


Ruhal has a solid innings of 51, a good start for the innings for India. But Mukund got out earlier for 16. While Ruhal was at the crease after Ruhal and gets 92, Kholi can not find his rhythm against the Australians, he is dismissed for 25. Jadeja out early then Rahane is out for a handy 51, the only thing that the India could have hoped for is a century to be the experienced player through the tail end. The tail end break apart. India got 274.


Australia 187 runs. It is going to be Australia with the odds from here but India are a good side and if anyone can do it India can. The Australian innings was embarrassing no one scored over 30. Steve Smith was Australia’s highest run scorer with 28. The Australians all out for and lose by 75. It is 1-1 in the series.


Test 3:

This match is an important one because if you win this match you can’t lose the series. Warner continues his bad form, he got out for 19. Renshaw gets out for 44 and he was building, he could of got a bigger score but he didn’t. He gets out when Steve Smith is at the crease and Steve Smith plays an amazing innings of 178. Shaun Marsh and Peter Handscomb get out early and it looks like Steve Smith is  going to struggle to find a partner to be at the crease with. Then comes in Glenn Maxwell. About his 4th test he might get 100 or get out for a duck. He got 104 and an amazing partnership with Steve Smith. This hundred is going to help his career.


Wade could have had a good innings but gets  out cheaply for 37. Cummings out for a Silver Duck. O’Keefe with a nothing 25 and Lyon and Hazlewood with 1 and Silver Duck. I have noticed that they have switched the order around a bit. Lyon is 10th and Hazlewood is 11th. The Australians are all out for 451. Quite a good score.


Ruhal and Vjay have a really good start together and the openers set the tone for the whole innings 67 and 82. I thought Steve Smith’s 178 was good then Pujara got 202. Saha 100 and Jadeja 50 NO. The Indians did really well I know what your thinking, it sounds like a big innings and it was,9D/ 603. Surely this match is going to be a draw.


All bad scores until Shaun Marsh’s 50. The Australians put out a bad example for the whole match. Handscomb is not out for 72. Glenn Maxwell got out for 2. That is the fear of him playing tests. Australia run out of time and Matthew Wade gets 9. The game ends in a draw as Australia being 6/204.


Test 4:

Renshaw gets out for one. The openers need to stop doing this, setting a bad tone for the whole innings. Hmm, lets think of the other opener, oh yeah. David Warner the one who has played really bad for this whole series. Surprisingly he gets about 50. Smith gets 100, Wade gets 50 the rest of them are nothing.


Australia get 300 I think that is anyone’s game from here. India do quite well. They have no body who got 100, but they have a really good team game and they have over 50’s. The people who didn’t do as well at least got 30s. 332 for India.


Australia’s innings is horrible. Glenn Maxwell scored 45 and he got the highest score. Everybody just didn’t click and didn’t play well at all. They just gave the series away. They had a horrible score of 137, it was just a horrific innings, from here we knew who would win the series.


In the  last innings all India need is 106 runs. They won by 8 wickets and won the series 2-1. Australia played pretty well throughout this series not on home soil, but I just really think that it was a bad way to end a good series. I guess we can win the ICC champions cup.

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