India v Australia – Bangalore Test: Pre-game call for writers

India 0 – 1 Australia

Thanks all for the terrific contributions – stories, comments – on the incredible Pune Test.
All Pune Test stories are here.

There remain three Tests to play. At Bangalore, Ranchi and Dharamsala.
The Bangalore Test begins tomorrow (Saturday).

What can we expect?
What sort of pitch has been prepared?
Will V Kohli bounce back? Will anyone remind him of his poor form in Pune?
Will SNJ O’Keefe come back to earth?
Will Australia again play both Marsh brothers?
Will R Ashwin again bowl more than 50 overs in a match?
Has MT Renshaw appreciably lost body weight?
Will the match result be determined at the coin toss?

Send us your ideas, thoughts, observations of this absorbing cricket.
If you’re able to nominate a day, please do so below.

Day 1, Saturday 4 March:
Day 2, Sunday 5 March: Smokie
Day 3, Monday 6 March:
Day 4: Tuesday 7 March:
Day 5: Wednesday 8 March:

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  1. I would like to see Usman Khawaja back in the side replacing Shaun Marsh. I feel he will play much better than S. Marsh’s efforts in Pune of 16 and 0.
    After an embarrassing loss to the visitors, surely Virat Kohli will step up to the plate and lead the charge in Bangalore. The captain will be feeling the pressure but he will thrive on the responsibility.
    SOK won’t repeat his efforts in Pune, but he gets a handy 4 to 8 wickets, Australia will be happy.

  2. Matthew i concur with you, but it’s a bit of a vexed issue. S Marsh has generally batted well in the sub- continent, unlike Khawaja, though the latter had a very good domestic summer. I’d be tempted to retain the winning team.

    I’m curious about what sort of pitch is prepared. Hopefully one that we get 5 days of cricket out of !


  3. E.regnans says

    Game day.
    Thanks for your offer of Sunday, Smokie.

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