Hyping Up Good Friday Footy

Getting the most out of Good Friday is a challenge. Making it become a marquee day like the Indigenous game and Anzac Day will require some serious mind mapping.


Anzac Day – has uniforms, planes, helicopter dropping the ball off, last post …


Indigenous round – runs with the welcome to country, cultural dances, didge playing, the Long Walk …


Good Friday – at the cost of being a little sacrilegious …


My early thoughts are:


  1. The coaches address to players must resemble a sermon.
  2. Teams run out between guard of honour of pastors, clerics, cardinals, priests, ayatollahs, etc
  3. On field aid people – male: runner, doctor etc wear white coat with stethoscope wrapped around neck; female staff wear nurse’s uniform
  4. Sin bin area – accused and sentenced criminals locked in with signs saying when their trial is or where their jail is … the message being don’t be naughty like them.
  5. Goal post crosses … ?
  6. Trophy for winning team is a giant chocolate Sherrin
  7. Participation chocolate medals for all players and umpires
  8. Coin toss – hospital kid who will draw the most sympathy for donations
  9. Players stretchered off – ambulance on ground or at least a hospital bed from ground to boundary line
  10. Losing team allowed the right to replay game 3 days later
  11. Players reported during the game are put to trial at the end of that quarter – crowd vote … play on or crucifixion suspension.
  12. Royal Children’s Hospital appeal donations are announced over the PA after every goal – compulsory coin donation by everyone in the crowd. Blanket goes around the boundary line during quarters. The blanket is followed by a shivering little kid with a sign saying this was my blanket … soliciting more donations.
  13. Red Cross blood donation van outside the ground for losing team supporters.
  14. Hot cross buns outside the ground for winning team supporters.


  1. Yep Dave, I certainly concur with P10. If the vanquished can’t rise back up on Easter Sunday, why have a Good Friday match?


  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Love it Dave surely a Easter egg hunt for the kids on the ground before the game ?

  3. Steve Todorovic says

    Dave….have you offered your intellect and humour to the Footy Show? They’re in desperate need of your innovative and quirky ideas. Can we have more, please?

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