How would a label of Tiger 2017 Premiership Port read?

I have a very good mate who happens to be a mad keen Pies fan. Bowser from Baranduda.  Bowser and I and our very dear mate, Blue Roo Tiger Dog Dave, frequently muse about the highs and lows of our respective footy teams: The Tigers for me, Pies for Bowser and take your pick from any in the list of four for Dave. ( Most seasons it would be the Roos, but he’s just about given up on Bad Scott and his troops this year). Now Bowser is not your stereo-typical Pie fan. In fact, his Tiger supporting colleagues at work are starting to suspect he has repressed his admiration and love for the yellow and black for far too long now.  He speaks of jumping  off the couch and high fiving his young son in glee when Cotch pirouetted on a dime and kicked that goal off his left in the last quarter against the Cats. He loves the song, Nick Vlastuin’s toughness and his beard. Dusty’s finesse when kicking to teammates, just as much as his don’t argue. Kane Lambert’s honesty and improvement. Dave Astbury’s reliability and Dylan Grimes versatility. And so much more. Bowser has well and truly booked his first class seat on the Tiger Train and is riding it all the way through September. He’s also a bit of a wordsmith, is our Bowser. And living in the region we live, home to some of the finest fortified wines in the country, he’s also a bit of a self proclaimed port buff. Here’s his homage to the Tigers and the Tiger faithful,  to fortified wines and to the blarney that is written about both.

Richmond Football Club

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Premiership Port

The fermentation process began in the pre-season of 81. Fruit selected from a collection of heirloom vines within a torpedo of Punt Rd forms the basis of this much anticipated drop. It has endured a somewhat unexpected lengthy maturation process. Spirit, misplaced enthusiasm and the salty aftertaste of one thousand tears has been added intermittently across a number of decades. Full of intense complexity and complex intensity, a key tone of expectancy and shades of ignorance, this concoction will ring of heartache and hope right across the palate all at once.

Like an old wooden window frame that has been showered with rain and swollen with pride to remain tight shut for 37 years, one that can only be prized ajar with the force of 75 plus thousand members, this Premiership Port is ready. It’s matured and old, it’s strong and it’s bold. And best served with the lid completely off!

Photo courtesy of Matt Watson

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  1. Bowser is struggling with his inner self. I have suggested professional intervention and various other forms of therapy. He like many, is caught up with the current tiger mania. Thankfully, we his colleagues, who witnessed the same irrepressible force from the tiger army in the ’70s, have proffered him clear advice: “if they win this year’s flag, you will know the true Richmond supporter!”
    Had Collingwood not been around in the 70’s and beyond, then there would be only one team that most Victorians would love to hate! Bowser … they are not the Western Bulldogs!

  2. Hello I have some 1982 tiger port unopened. Can you tell me if it’s any good.

  3. Daniel Flesch says

    Yeah yeah , great that the Tigers won the Flag , making it a memorable two years with the Dogs winning last year. But now for the sake of fairness , justice , variety , Yvette and Joshi , can we all please start agitating for the Saints only SECOND Premiership ? ( For what it’s worth saying I am not even a St.Kilda supporter )

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