Holy Grail

The destination was nearing,

Countless hours it took to make,

The colder weather was clearing,

It was our flag to at last take,



Our place determined from a game,

Our road was paved with loss and win,

But once the final match had came,

T’was from nil we had to begin,



The crowd was big and so were they,

Yet we were swift and eager,

The enemy came out to play,

The final margin was meagre,



A calculated victory,

Our instinct helped us prevail,

It was my valedictory,

We had found the Holy Grail.

About Jake "Cobba" Stevens

Jake "Cobba" Stevens is currently studying Sports Journalism at La Trobe Uni. One of the youngest 'old bloods' supporters in Melbourne, he can't decide if the crowd was louder at the 2005 or 2012 Grand Final.


  1. craig dodson says

    A delight to read.. It will be a long week Jake, embrace it and lets just keep our fingers crossed.

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