Hit by the Indian Coach

Talk about your dear old thing.  I did a Blowers this morning when I was hit by a double decker bus carrying the Indian Team.

When I told some colleagues that I had been hit by the Indian coach they came up with the comment “that’s the first success Duncan Fletcher has had as a coach for a long time.”

Fortunately it won’t spoil my cricket career as it did to my dear old thing Henry but it did get Australia Day and India’s Republic Day off to a bad start, not to mention Invasion Day.

As is the norm a large crowd filed in for the big day and great expectations that Tendulkar would outlast Miss Havisham and score his 100th ton.

It wasn’t to be as symmetry occurred with the Little  Master (25) caught by Ponting AO as he had caught Ponting AO the day before.  Siddle the bowler again who incidentally had Sachin as his first test wicket.

Is this the first time the master has been dismissed by an AO?   Over to you Rick Findlay

The Moe Mauler again as Gambhir (34) got a lifter that Hussey snatched up and India were 4/87.

The visitors were playing a few good shots but as usual Clarke’s men were on top. Very Very Soft(18) fell to the local curator and the Indians were now 5/111.

Every batsman bar The Wall had made a start only to succumb to the persistency of this impressive Australian attack.

Lunch time provided us with a citizenship ceremony for many new Australians but, in my humble opinion should been held at the twin ceremony earlier in the day.  It was a slight on these people who have made the pledge to become Australians.  On reflection it should have been held during the Australia Day ceremony

Kohli and newcomer Saha, a batsman in his own right consolidated after lunch.  Kohli’s 50 came up at 1.55pm.  He has looked a class player in the latter part of the series and is the key to India’s future. Saha played some fine shots and he to looks to have a bright future as a batsman and his enthusiasm in infectious (perhaps not to his team mates though).

Saha (35) leaves Harris in the last over before tea and is bowled. A wonderful partnership that showed grit and determination.  Kohli ‘s temperament and application has been exemplary and at 91 not out at tea he is the hope of the sub-continent on Republic Day.

The Moe Mauler strikes twice with the new ball and has 5/42.  Ashwin(5) and Khan first ball being the victims.  Khan has given up completely as a batsman.

Kholi’s century comes after a lot of slapstick and angst between all and sundry. A wonderful innings from the young tyro. He’s batted for 218 minutes and sweated it out for the Republic in grand style.

Kholi, The Mauler, the Indian coach and the fashion sense of both male and females in the members were my highlights of the day.

I was most impressed with the dress of women who brought, colour, fashion and dress sense as well as common sense on such a warm Australia Day.  Credit to the male of the species also who, dare I say it , completely out dress their peers at the MCC.

Hilfenhaus completely beats Sharma(16).  Sharma has been a great help to Kholi  in putting on 33 for the ninth wicket.

Will Clarke ask the Indians to follow on?  That is the question of the day.  I don’t think so. Kholi hits hard and often  but Hilfy gets him lbw in the end. A wonderful 116.

The Mauler finishes with 5/49 and the security guard 3/62

Warner rushes of the field. Australia will bat.

The heavy roller arrives but Bob Neil is not driving it! Amazing.

Warner and Cowan get bogged down by Ashwin again.  Could this be a new ploy in Test cricket opening with a spinner from one end.  Both go to Ashwin.

Enter Shaun Marsh with the world on his shoulders.  Unlike Atlas he could not hold it up and he crashes again without troubling the scorer. 17 runs in six innings is no meal ticket to the West Indies.

Day 4 is set up for an interesting battle.  The wicket is playing some tricks and the home side will be looking for quick runs.

If I can recover from my clash with the Indian coach I should be write my dear old things.

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