Haiku Bob: Round 12: The floodlights hum

low crowd
Didak and the floodlights


trails in the dew
two wayward brothers
cross paths



leaf veins
the burly spearhead
lays bare
his frailties



rain weary sky
Cox gets caught
gets caught again



longest night
the Swans catch us
late in the third



from the boundary
Leon curls it
between stars



city of lights
Didak and Davis
switch them off



in the hush
before the sealer
the kettle clicks off

About rob scott

Rob Scott (aka Haiku Bob) is a peripatetic haiku poet who calls Victoria Park home. He writes haiku in between teaching whisky and drinking English, or something like that.


  1. HB – are the Pies going to do it again? Raise the hopes of the faulty fans only to fall short at the last, and leaving the fans looking forward to next year….. Or will they be good enough to go all the way? So long as Didak and Davis keep curling them through, maybe…..

    They’ve come back since the despair of a few weeks back.

  2. haiku bob says

    Hope’ll kill ya Dips.

    You should know that.

    I’m far from convinced. We haven’t beaten much over the past month, and we’ve got the the lay down misere of all lay down miseres this weekend, the Shockers in Melbourne (expect an upset now that I’ve said that!)

    I fully expect Micks contract extension to be announced on the back of this glut of mediocre wins, which, for MM sceptics like myself, is like getting the Christmas present you already had.

    The shining light is the development of players like Dick, Wellingham and Anthony. Great to see Dids in full flight too. Ya never know, of course, but I’m taking it as it comes…

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