Haiku Bob- Premiership Edition: earth and the times

last Saturday in September

the sun

beaten to a pulp

grand final replay –

the washing

still hanging

over my thoughts the chorus of magpies

warm spring sun

the Colliwobbles


the earth and the times

turned by his feet

– Heater’s smother

October sun

Ball soaks up

some heat

between goals

the coach wears

his hard face

Didak’s goal

the end

before the end

Saints dying off

in Swan’s wake an empty cup

gives chase

drawing breath

never again the word


Premiership hangover

smiling at people

I don’t know

20 year wait

I wouldn’t have it

any other way

About rob scott

Rob Scott (aka Haiku Bob) is a peripatetic haiku poet who calls Victoria Park home. He writes haiku in between teaching whisky and drinking English, or something like that.


  1. HB – beautiful. I love the last bit. Let’s hope GWS and the Suns have a 40 year wait!

  2. That is so full of pathos Rob; from a Geelong perspective.

    All things come to those who wait. Well done.

  3. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Love your work HB, but 20 years is too long to wait. One every ten I could handle.

  4. The way many of the Pies are talking at the moment you would think they have won ten in one

  5. HB – excellent imagery HB & with so few words.

    Phantom – we have earned “the feeling” at the moment so allow us just a few weeks of expansive dialogue, won’t you? Another one or two over the next few years would do nicely.

  6. John Butler says

    Phantom, a bit harsh.

    Compared to 1990, I reckon the Pies have have been a picture of sobriety (give or take the odd beer bong incident).

    I’ve only had to use the fire hose twice.

  7. I didn’t say all JB. (or should I now refer to you as Henry V111 – defender of the faith. You’re not hopping on the black and white band wagon are you?

    I have had a nudge nudge, wink wink with a few good ones I know.

    It’s probably so long since the Blues won one that their supporters have forgotten the good humoured banter that you have to endure.

    Car’n the Pies.

  8. Thanks lads

    The sky is closing in here in Stockholm. Let the winter of content begin!

  9. John Butler says

    Phantom, thankfully I’m of an age where I have many pleasant memories to cling to.

    But the age requirement is definitely starting to rise. :(

  10. JB,

    ‘The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’

    Just thinking. I wonder who, chronologically, is the senior knacker?

    I notice in debate some of the Gen Y’s, although showing great potential, have a limited grasp on the culture of footy as it was in it’s purest form; aka Ye Olden Days.

  11. John Butler says

    The eternal dilemma Phantom.

    Some are busy appreciating history. Others are busy making it.

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