Haiku Bob: grand final draw – nowhere to be seen

September morning –
a magpie’s song
pierces my brain

Spring clouds –
the teams gather
in their huddles

first warm day
players clutching and spilling
a hot ball

blood pouring
from the full-back’s nose
– spring heat

glare of the sun –
the path to goal
nowhere to be seen

Spring breeze –
Davis goals
and disappears

a goal down and
5 minutes on the clock –
I slip into my childhood

September sky –
a hundred thousand prayers
go unanswered

Spring dusk –
the colours on the flags
of both teams

About rob scott

Rob Scott (aka Haiku Bob) is a peripatetic haiku poet who calls Victoria Park home. He writes haiku in between teaching whisky and drinking English, or something like that.


  1. Good to have you back HB

    Those Pies are still haunting you.

  2. G’day HB,

    Annie and I thought of you Saturday night (late morn/early arvo for you).

    Can’t wait to read your book contribution.

    The AFL has struck a new medal called the Eric Bana Medal for the celebrity St Kilda supporter shown most often during a GF telecast.

    The 2009 GF and the 2010 GF have been dominated by go-to camera shots of this man.

    For Collingwood, they only seem to have Eric Maguire or Eric Joffa.

    St Kilda has oodles e.g. Eric Klim, Eric Meldrum, possibly Eric Warne et(ri)c.

    I thought it would be a draw when anti-heroes such as Eric Davis, Eric Cloke and Eric Milne were kicking last quarter goals.


    Eric Moussambani

  3. Phil Dimitriadis says

    HB, nailed it again. It is criminal what this club does to the emotions of its fans! It is exhausting…but deep down we love it. No one does Grand Finals like the Pies.

  4. HB – must have been a tough day in your Scandinavian office. Have you converted any foreigners across to AFL yet?

  5. Flynny – My third trip to London for grand finals. Not a happy hunting ground.
    2 losses and a draw. I’m getting pretty tired of walking the streets of London in a daze, not knowing what to believe in. Lucky the beer is good – Eric Sykes.

    Dipa – see above

    Phil – I’m hearin ya buddy.

  6. the new tele shines
    cloke scores eventually
    I surprise myself

    I think I became a pie fan for about eight minutes — luckily I’ve managed to shake it off.

    If Collingwood had lost that game I reckon they would have had to just close the whole shebang. It really would have seemed pointless afterwards.

    They’ll piss it in on Saturday I think.

    There was an interesting discussion on the Sunderland message board about the GF. Despite the fact that none of them really knew much about the game, they were going for St Kilda because of the colours (red white and black) and because they equated the mags with the mags.

  7. Pies’ third quarter was dominated by Eric Idle.

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