Haiku Bob: AFL Finals – week 3 – oceans of torment

heavy rain –
beyond the old picket fence
oceans of torment
swirling sky
beneath dark clouds and umbrellas
Harry spears the first

downpour –
one Cat then another
bobs up
rain stops –
our defence leaks

sky clears
Leon has left us

wanting the scores
to be different
I drink more
moon spills through clouds
a line of seagulls
defending the goal

Rocca in the stands…
the weight
of a careless moment

deep September defeat
the funeral Director
adds an extra row

About rob scott

Rob Scott (aka Haiku Bob) is a peripatetic haiku poet who calls Victoria Park home. He writes haiku in between teaching whisky and drinking English, or something like that.


  1. Come over to the Cats to brighten your life. Those exquisite skills are wasted on perennial pathos.

  2. Phanto

    It’s a habit. I couldn’t live without this cloak (that should be Cloke) of pain.

    I know it. I understand it. And it agrees with alcohol.

    My Dad once told me – happy endings are fantasy.

    He should know.

    He was a Hawthorn supporter.

  3. HB – “our defence leaks Ablett” – beautifully put.

    There will be much scrutiny of the Pies, just as there will be of the team that loses this Saturday, but I say to all those who hastily attach the label “unachievers” to teams that fail in September, let theirs first make the 8.

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