Grandkids and Bombers

My 10yo grandson dropped by home this afternoon, attired in his Bomber gear, to proudly show me his new footy boots his mum had just bought for him.


Well, we just had to get the footy out and have a kick.


Many a screamer was pulled down, goals were kicked from every possible angle, as we played, and lived out our dream of playing for the Bombers, Benny with number 7 on his back, and me, if my 10 yo footy jumper still existed, would be wearing number 9. Benny loves Zach Merrett, and I loved Ken Peucker in 1960, but mum couldn’t fit 29 onto my jumper so she sewed a 9 on instead, Greg Sewell.


Benny loves his footy.


I bought him an Essendon membership for Christmas so he could come to the Bomber home games with me.


Together we saw our great win against the Crows in Round 1, and until he fell asleep half way home to Barongarook, he relived the game over and over again with me. He was excited to say the least!


I’m looking forward to the day when my other grandsons, Eddie and Marley, are able to attend the football with Benny and me. They are 4 and 2 respectively so they have a few more years to wait but I think granddaughter Sadie will soon be putting the pressure on me to take her to the footy as well.


It has been a delight for me as a grandfather to watch my grand children grow, and as they reach an age when they  show an interest in footy and are able to attend games with Pa, then that delight will become even greater.


I can see us all now, leaping from our seats as the siren blows to end the game, the Bombers have won a memorable Grand Final, and we raise our voices as one to sing our song.


“See the Bombers fly up, up, to win the Premiership Flag…..”




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Retired teacher who enjoys following the Bombers, listening to music especially Bob Dylan, reading, and swimming.

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