Grand Final – Richmond v Geelong: Macca




There has been a lot of talk all week about fairy tales.

Mostly Geelong inspired and hyperbolic media mesmerised by Messrs Ablett, Dangerfield, Selwood, and why even Guthrie has been given plenty of space and airtime. The parents of some of these lads too have received almost as much coverage and lauded for taking the risk, going to the NT, isolating and being rewarded with the Cats making it and being able to see their boy play in the grand finale.

There has been a smidgen of Richmond talk about Marlion Pickett and the fairy tale of 2019 and whether it could be two premier medals in the grand total of 20 games. It has been mentioned there is only one Richmond player, Noah the Balta, who will be running out tonight that has not played in a grand final.

It seems though that everyone has overlooked the bloke that in essence, was the second hard luck story of the 2019 success. Kamdyn McIntosh.

Macca is not a fan favourite. He is not flashy, nor recognised for the hard yards he puts in on the track and rarely is he acknowledged for the gut running he puts in during games. Who sees him go from the forward arc to deep inside the defensive 50 to make the ‘plus 1’ (or 2 or 3 in Richmond’s case), filling space, competing, getting a hand in, punching a ball out, spoiling a mark, ah no stats there. He’s then back up the ground, making and taking space on the wing. Against Port Adelaide last week he took a gutsy mark in the last quarter, drove the ball inside the F50 and the majority of his possessions were contested. Week after week he gets 15 possessions give or take a few. He is a solid mark and pretty handy around goals.

So is Macca the fairy tale of Richmond 2020?

I certainly hope so – he has been playing like it!

Many a player would have walked away from Richmond after not making the 2019 premiership team. He was one of five players in the entire list that missed out on playing in a Grand Final victory, after both AFL & VFL teams triumphed. He played 16 games in 2019 and missed out when Marlion Pickett was selected. Pickett in fact replaced the injured Jack Graham, the first hard luck story of 2019. Do you remember? He ripped his shoulder out of the socket against Geelong, but came back on to be part of that come from behind victory.

There was mischievous speculation Macca wanted out. He looked upon the situation positively, at 26 years of age and 100 plus games he may not have got a go elsewhere, but he wanted to stay. He used it as motivation. Like Kane Lambert, he has gutsed it out, over the summer he worked hard to get better, fitter, to get his place back in the team and to try and ensure would be part of the next premiership.

Saturday night might be destiny time for both Jack Graham and Kamdyn McIntosh. I for one will be willing Macca to be standing on the victory dais at the end of the night.




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About Ken Wilson

Left footer, golfer, runner, well travelled, sometime writer, volunteer, live arts/music lover, self employed, school drop out and Tiger tragic.


  1. Couldn’t agree more Ken.

  2. I loved KMac on his debut and I have to admit not too long ago I had his bags packed – good on him for sticking it out and really reclaiming his spot, I hope he does well.

  3. Yes – we love the Mac. His new hair is impressive too! (Something else he seemed to have worked on in the off-season.)

  4. Interesting article Ken, for all that, I hope we see a great contest with some fine attacking footy. Hopefully the umps ill let the game flow and show some common sense about the deliberate out of bounds rule. I hope your Macca plays well but will be pulling for a Cats Victory. It would be great for Danger and Ablett to win a close one.

  5. McIntosh should be an inspiration to all aspiring footballers. To put in all the effort to get better and then take his second chance and keep his place in the team – on merit, not charity – should rightly be applauded.

  6. Absolutely loved seeing Macca nailing that early goal. And Graham played a fair game too.

  7. Thanks for the comments one and all. I should have mentioned the potential fairy tale of Henderson and Taylor too of course. In the end the fairy tale belonged to the Richmond football club. The lesser lights shone bright, Short, Baker, Nank, Bolton, Broad, Graham McIntosh, Balta, Pickett, Castagna and let me add Lambert all stood tall, had moments when all hell was breaking loose and the ‘names’ were under immense pressure. There’s eleven names there, half a team!
    The media focus on G’long and the potential fairy tales was conveyed to the coaches and helped feed the resolve to win the flag. The resolve was there against Port and all week I felt calm and ready for Satday night. I wasn’t disappointed!

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