Grand Final Infographic

I’ve always been fascinated with statistics, and I’ve found best way to communicate these numbers was to turn it into a visual display. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge, often told into a story-like manner.

I had a great deal of fun playing with these numbers in photoshop, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Doing more of these types of things in the future would be fantastic, but for now, I’m just looking forward to Saturday’s game…GO BLOODS!”

About Jake "Cobba" Stevens

Cobba Stevens works in sports social media and content. A keen middle-distance runner in both the ammos and the pros, he's also one of the youngest 'old bloods' supporters in Melbourne.


  1. Great stuff Cobba. Hope the Bloods bring it home.

  2. Really like this – very well put together. Recent pattern would seem Swans victory followed by two to the Hawks. If that continues, the GF is going the Hawks way. Look forward to more of these next year!

  3. Great info graphic! ReTweeting this on my account! Swans are an outside chance, but the weather may turn to favour their style of play? Go Swans! :D

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