Geish unleashes

I had the same feeling reading about ‘the AFL’s second most annoying Jeff’ and his pontifical ruling on Ballantyne’s kick, as I did in February when I heard about the Big A admitting that the sole purpose of the pre-season mickey mouse comp was to hog the headlines.

What many had long suspected is now out in the open: His Jeffship wants look-at-me-I’m-a-hero ‘show pony’ decisions from his boys and therein is the path to finals action. So look out for your team getting shafted at home in any 50-50 situation as Jeff’s Wiggles outdo each other chasing brownie points in the ‘stick-it-up-the-home-crowd’ stakes.


  1. Agree totally, except that I found yesterday’s Eagles Bulldogs umpiring ‘equal opportunity’ incomprehensible. Home and away fans equally baffled.

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