Geelong’s Best Side in 2016: Discuss

Geelong’s best side in 2016




Kolodjashnij       Lonergan             Enright


Thurlow               Taylor                    Guthrie


Caddy                   Dangerfield        Cockatoo


Menzel                 Vardy                    Cowan


Bartel                    Hawkins               Motlop


Rucks – Stanley  J. Selwood   Duncan


Interchange – Clark  Henderson   Blicavs   Lang


Emerg. – Z Smith  Gregson   Mackie   S. Selwood


VFL – Horlin-Smith   Bews   Bates   Kersten   Smedts   McCarthy  Murdoch   Cunico   Luxford   Delaney


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  1. Cat from the Country says

    Will certainly be an interesting year

  2. Peter Flynn says

    Caddy made it!

    B&F winner on the bench. Blimey Old Mate!

    Johnno but alas.


  3. Old Mate – re: Caddy. I have succumbed to popular opinion. Apparently most people rate him. But Blicavs will be on the ground within 100 seconds after Caddy’s second turnover.

  4. What are you going to give us to put Henderson on the bench?

  5. Back line looks susceptible.

  6. DBalassone says

    What about Josh Walker?

    And you’ve insulted Trevor Nisbett by selecting S.Selwood as an emergency.

  7. I think you’re too kind having Murdoch in the VFL. Couldn’t we convince Adelaide to take him instead of Dean Gore??

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Depending on Inj a lock for the 8 and a chance for the top 4.Zac Smith and Henderson will be important if as expected they get to the Cats and as a Crows supporter I would have loved to get Murdoch

  9. RK – you’re right, but the forward line will kick that many goals it won’t matter. Like the Blight sides of the 90s.

  10. How good is that half forward line?

  11. It is a fine line up Dips and landing Dangerfield is gold, no doubt. Now, to feed your doubt …

    A couple of things about defence. The best defensive side has played in every GF since 2007 except for 2010. (In 2010 SK had a better end of season Against record that the Pies – by a total of 67 points).

    Two takeaways that might concern you. In 2007 the Cats had the best For and Against (attack and defence). Port had a very healthy For (attack) but their defence let them down. 8 teams in the comp had better defence than they did by the time the Finals came around.

    Back in 1992 the Cats easily had the best attack. Their For points in that year was 3057. They played WC Eagles in the GF. WC had the best defence , letting through a miserly 1752 points for the season. Five sides had better defence than the Cats that year.

    Good luck with your midfield and forward line but I reckon you’ll need more than that :)

  12. RK – once again you are correct, but gee it will be fun to watch!

  13. When was the last time a side went through undefeated? And who is Z Smith?
    Gregson in for Nakia, who is still a year away.
    Seeing this I’m deeply pained that Stevie J is going to miss his 4th by a year.

  14. In truth, this side will do way better than 2015. Two years in a row we’ve been building momentum and then lost all our ruckmen. We played the last half of this year without one. (Dawson notwithstanding. In fact, Dawson hardly even standing) It’s a bridge (or two) too far without a ruckman.

  15. ajc – Z. Smith is the young raw boned ruckman from Gold Coast who has the potential to look like Tarzan and play like Jane, but that’s what we said about Rhys Stanley. Apparently he is 2.05 m tall. I don’t know what that means but I’m tipping its more than 5’6″.

  16. The People's Elbow says

    Henderson on the bench behind Kolodjashnij, Thurlow and Guthrie…

  17. Old Mucker:
    I get the distinct feeling that Cats fans are suddenly back to their smug 07-09-11 best.
    Adding a player who is indisputably top-3 in the comp does wonders for the line-up.
    Wow, what a pick-up! No-one will be happier than J Selwood. Watch for him to have a
    stellar year in 2016.
    And, nit-picking I know, but maybe a little too tall in that 22 (Vardy, Stanley, Clark, Hawkins,
    Blicavs). With the versatility of the b&f winner, one of the others is surplus to
    But overall, a very competitive line-up. Finals are a certainty.

  18. The People's Elbow says

    …still, we’ll take your 2016 first rounder for him. Thanks.

  19. Dear commenters – it has come to my attention that the perception in the marketplace is that a player who starts on the bench is somehow “behind” those who are named on the field. As we all know there is no “bench” anymore. Not in the 1970s way anyway.

    Henderson and Blicavs named on the “bench” is a team balance thing. They could well be on the ground in the first minute. The team is now the 22 named.

    BTW Mr Elbow – we paid overs for Henderson, but Carlton (as I understand it) got Walker. All square and even now I reckon.

  20. The People's Elbow says

    My mail is that we’ve cooled on Walker (if we were even into him in the first place). We’re too busy organising a hostile takeover of the UWS Giants.

  21. Dear Mr Dips

    Thank you for calling me a commentator. (You didn’t, I just joined that company). I tend to think of myself more as a dream disruptor. Go Hawks!

  22. Good to see you are playing Scott Selwood in his correct position. Left Right Out. He has had an “ankle” for 2 years, and blokes his age with chronic problems don’t get better. He is the worst kick in the comp.
    Good to see you wasting salary cap oh him. I understand Joel needed help with Mum.
    Nisbet is doing what every club CEO does at this time of year. Talking total shit in the hope of bullying the AFL into a better deal next time,

  23. John welch says

    Bews Hbf for grunt and dash, underestimated, big future, Guthrie wing whatever that is these days, Caddy HFF, watch him go thru the mid next year, Cowan mantlepiece, too many fragile talls on pine, Clark an unlikely on consistency of availability. GHS Smedts and Kersten all were or should v e been trade bait given they are all 3/4th in line. Mackie not in anywhere…should be tall defensive fwd like a Gunston if there was room…but there aint.
    Interesting year ahead..power to the pusswha.

  24. True believer
    When you see the strength in the VFL it’s time to drool, but then reality checks in. The injury list is missing, usually a few ruckman and the whole half forward line ( hope this doesn’t happen) live on this part of the list.

  25. Some great comments here, including some from opposition supporters who are trying to downgrade the magnitude of the Cat’s recruits. I think they are starting to fret (Yes that’s you PB).

    RK – you might take away my dreams but you’ll never take away my freedom!

    I have assumed that all players are fit and ready to go. Too much height maybe? Should Gregson come in for Clark? Or Vardy? Maybe S. Selwood for Caddy? Or Lang? When/where does Bews play?

    I love seeing options!

  26. Henderson on the bench ? Surely he’d be a tall in the backline, similarly with Bartel in a forward pocket. He played all of 2015 in the back line, which is where he should be in 2016. Murdoch left out is a surprise.

    But as an ex-Geelong supporter who’s not been to a Geelong game since R 20 1999, what would i know/


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