Fremantle or Crows Will Win The AFL Premiership

This is a little thing that I used to do when I was younger to see who I would think would win the Premiership. Who I think will win the premiership will change throughout the season. I will do an update every time it changes. I know it is not a very good method and it is not reliable, but here goes.


The reigning premiers start off as favourites then whoever beats them are favourites then whoever beats them are favourites and so on. Western Bulldogs start of as favourites and they have only had 1 team beat them which is Fremantle and that was in round 3. Fremantle haven’t lost a game since, therefore Fremantle will win the premiership.


This is a more complicated version of it. So the reigning premiers are the favourites and whoever beats them are favourites. If the favourites have been beaten before the round that they got beaten on then the team with highest winning margin on them and so on.


Western Bulldogs start favourites, the only team that has beaten them are Fremantle, Fremantle have lost 2 games. 1 against Geelong by 42 and the other one against Port by 89. So Port are the favourites. They have lost 2 games, 1 against Crows by 17 and 1 against GWS by 31. Therefore GWS are the favourites. GWS have only lost 1 game and that was against the Crows by 56. So the Crows are the favourites, the Crows have lost 0 games so the Crows are the current favourites.

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  1. Comment who you think will win the premiership.

  2. Sean Gorman says

    Aidan I know who won’t win it. Keep up the speculation mate.

  3. Cat from the Country says

    I like your deductions. I do hope you are wtong!

  4. Dave Brown says

    I prefer Method 2. Method 1 is quite similar to a Twitter account called ‘AFL Title Belt’ – from memory Fremantle currently holds it

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