Four teams of VFL/AFL 300-gamers

With Jared McVeigh recently crossing the 300 game threshold, he brings to 83 the total number of players to play that many games in the VFL/AFL. A nice number to select four sides (from Firsts to Fourths).


Comments, criticisms (constructive or otherwise) or general derision are all accepted.




Backs:                Murray        Silvagni       McLeod

Half backs:        Doull            Whitten       Bourke

Centres:             Bradley        Reynolds     Schimmelbusch

Half forwards:  Ablett          Quinlan       Goodes

Forwards:           Dempsey    Coventry     Bartlett

Rucks:                  Nicholls      R Harvey      Matthews

Interchange:       Hodge        Riewoldt      Daniher





Baxks:                Archer        Langford       Moore

Half backs:         Rantall        Roos              Bartell

Centres:             Hawkins      Mitchell        Wanganeen

Half forwards:  Watson        C Grant        Crawford

Forwards:          Dyer             Lynch           Neitz

Rucks:                 S Madden   Tuck             Black

Interchange:      Burgoyne    West            L Thompson




Baxks:                Burke           Fletcher      Ashcroft

Half backs:         Enright        Hart             Murphy

Centres:             Akermanis   Ricciuto      Greene

Half forwards:   Johnson       Cloke          Kelly

Forwards:          Newman      Pavlich        Merrett

Rucks:                 Scott            Goddard      B Harvey

Interchange:     Salmon         Blakey         McVeigh





Baxks:                Niankervis     Martyn          Cornes

Half backs:         Bolton           Breen             Edwards

Centres:              Simpson       Dal Santo      Williams

Half forwards:   S Grant          Loewe           S Thompson

Forwards:           Round           O’Loughlin    Petrie

Rucks:                 J Madden      Power            Shaw

Interchange:      Foulds            R Smith



  1. A mighty effort, Greg. Would have Pavlich at full forward in the seconds and Lynch in the thirds, personally. Oh, and Kane Cornes on the bench in the fourths.

  2. Langford a MUCH better FB than Silvagni. Should be in the Firsts.
    You know that you’ve got an embarressment of riches when you can name Grant and Roos in the Twos.

  3. Paul Young says

    Brilliant Greig.

    I went through the teams to offer some changes but I really couldn’t see anything I’d change much at all.

    Maybe Tim Watson to the bench (Firsts) instead of Terry Daniher. And I base that on Essendon’s own rankings where Tim Watson was named sixth best Bomber of all time ahead of Terry Daniher (11th).

    And perhaps Jack Dyer to the bench edging out Luke Hodge? But due to team balance, I can see why “Captain Blood” was in the seconds.

    I’m with Dave. Kane Cornes to the bench of the fourths. I’d elevate Rohan Smith to the starting 18. Smithy would offer more dash off the last line of defence.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Super effort Greig.
    Half Back line of the 1sts hard to beat.
    Well-researched and thought out. Kudos

  5. I’m backing the Seconds to take The Flag. Presuming the Dyer is the Late Great Living Legend Captain Blood.

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