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forsake |f?r?s?k; fôr-|

verb ( past -sook |-?so?k|; past part. -saken |-?s?k?n|) [ trans. ] chiefly poetic/literary

abandon (someone or something) : he would never forsake The Gary Ablett Terrace | [as adj. ] ( forsaken) figurative a piece of concrete at Kardinia Park.

renounce or give up (something valued or pleasant) : I won’t forsake my standing room principles.

Here at The Terrace we’re not sure how we feel about the $36 million federal Liberal Party pledge hullabaloo. I mean, we don’t really care where the money comes from. And what’s a few million when it’s not a billion? A blatant splash of tax-payer cash in a marginal seat that happens to prop-up our chance of long and eternal football (and world) domination is a good thing for the hoops. But, most importantly, does this bucket of blue-blood cash (or the inevitable Labor return volley that will follow) represent the end of The Gary Ablett Terrace as we know it?

Surely that is the real issue here? As far as we can tell, there are no plans in ‘Stage 3? to preserve our very incongruous but much-loved concrete hill. So, will KP be destined to become another generic football ground surrounded entirely by plastic seats, or will the football Gods (Costa and Cooke) preserve a living concrete treasure for the sake of enjoying football whilst not sitting on our ass? If they don’t, maybe they can afford to put a piece of the hill (think Berlin Wall) in the promised “Geelong Sports Museum”. Please, no. I’m getting panicky and desperate. Hyperventilating now.

OK, let’s think outside the square. If we were to demonstrate that watching football whilst seated leads to an increased chance of obesity, genital warts and hemorrhoids – it probably does – could we somehow then indicate that this ‘evolution’ is an occupational health and safety risk to all and sundry and that standing room must therefore remain? Unlikely. Damn.

Come on, 36 million buckaroonies, but no standing room? None? Someone do something, pleeeeease! Jules? Here at The Terrace, we’re gonna write a letter to the big man (no not Brett Spinks…Brian Cooke)…we’ll let you know the results.


  1. Interesting issue, here. I’m not one of the standers of the terrace, but I have held a seat there for the past 7 years (the politicians only wish they had my staying power). I like the fact that we feel every single force of nature to the fullest out there – we’re tough, we can hack it!

    To heck with these city people and their grandstands! We’re one of the last remaining grounds that isn’t a giant bowl. Keep the Ablett TERRACE! Keep SS a suburban ground! KEEP THE INTEGRITY OF OUR NATIONAL IDENTITY!!!!

    That is all.

    (it’s not that I’m really passionate about this issue, or anything …)


  2. John Butler says

    That would be the Nation of Geelong would it Susie? :)

  3. Is there any other nation worth belonging to, JB? :p

  4. Peter Flynn says

    The All Nations in Lennox St Richmond

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    What about The National (The Nash) in Geelong?

  6. Okay, okay. Pubs/bars excluded, what other nation is worth being part of? :P

    I should have foreseen this when posing the (rhetorical!) question. haha

  7. David Downer says

    Concur with poster #4


  8. John Butler says

    You have to take into account the demographic you’re dealing with Susie. :)

  9. As a favorer [afficiondo sounds way too preciuos] of standing at football I think the ground redevelopment at KP should mandate that a reasonable portion should be left old school. I have a lasting post match memory of a great mate taking a sideways stumble on said Terrace. Yes there were frothies [lots] but the memory lingers because in the stumble he took out a little old lady’s knitting basket. Funny thing is I only found out 6 weeks later at Naughtons [speaking of old school] when someone told us he saw said incident from a neighbouring terrace. Stumbler pleaded guilty without question. So, without standing areas at footy litle old ladies [lol?] could not sit on a stool and have a knit. Stumblers full of frothies could not stumble, not fess up and then be tried and convicted of offences against lols. And weird as it sounds, standing in the rain with water running down the inside of your coat is about the best way to watch our beloved game [excepting in a superbox with free everything].

  10. spot on chalkdog. will try to find out if the ‘portion’ is reality or not. if not, some pressure might need to be applied!

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