For Whom The Bell Tolls

Is it possible to have stretch marks on your heart? The tension and pressure of the final minutes of front running were almost too much for the mortal system of The Terrace. Not so for the inspiring and inspired performers of the GFC.

Like the extraordinary waves that lashed the surf coast the week before, our leaders, our forwards and our youngsters kept surging, presenting and crashing with beauty and power. The Terrace was privileged to spend some presidential room with the dual conqueror of Bells. Yes, Mick Fanning can toss a coin. But, most importantly, he demonstrated on the biggest stage and against the ultimate foe, how to combine power and precision when it really matters to enjoy ultimate success.

There were so many moments that defined the team and shaped the result: Mackie’s diving lunge to deny Osborne’s goal, Selwood’s recurring resurrection, Guthrie’s tackling intensity, Jpod’s deft skill and experience, the Tommahawk crushing both packs and opposition confidence. And who can deny the man simply known and admired as Jimmy?

There are so many reasons to be thankful as a Geelong supporter. Often results are the reference point. This match reinforced that the greatest pleasure has come from bearing witness to the living embodiment of what honesty, courage and honour truly can be on a football field. The reductive descriptor of “process” cannot capture it.

Go Mick. Go Cats!

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