Footy Symmetry

Shortly after Geelong beat Collingwood in R 24 i commented on  a posting, reminiscing back to 1980, my focus being on the First Division of the VFA. That year Coburg finished top of the ladder losing only 2 home and away games, not too dissimilar to Collingwood in the 2011 AFL season. I drew an anology which went; in 1980 Coburg finished top of the ladder, losing only 2 home and away games, but could not win the flag, losing  in the Grand Final to Port Melbourne, the only side to beat them in the course of the season. I mentioned this in the context of the only side beating Collingwod in the home and aways this year  being Geelong, and how interesting it would be if Geelong stopped their drive for a flag.

Well, what do you know, something similar happened in the AFL this season. The top side lost only twice in the home and away season, but the side who beat them, was also the side who defeated them on Grand Final day. Sure there is a slight difference; in 1980 Coburg lost to Port Melbourne in all 4 encounters, this year  Collingwood lost to Geelong in all 3 encounters, only. At the end of the day whether it’s 3, or 4, there’s no major difference. The interesting fact is the top side was unable to defeat one pivotal side, the one which claimed the premiership.

A wise German gentleman once said ” History repeats itself twice, firstly as  a tragedy, then as a farce.” Of this i am now usure. As a Burra supporter, i did not consider our 1980 victory over Coburg a tragedy. What do we make of the Pies demise at the hands of the Cats in 2011 ? Unsure if i could call it a farce! What do other Almanacers think of this situation?





  1. It reminded me of 2008; one side limping into the finals, it’s main contender gaining momentum by the week.

    In 2008, the Cats dominated the first half but could not put the Hawks away. There was a sense of that on Saturday, though not as pronounced. Also, this win by the Cats is not the surprise that the Hawks win was.

    The Maggies developed the press to beat the Cats (or so it has been written). The Cats have countered. Will be interesting to see where evolution takes us next, and who will be driving it.

  2. Pete,

    one of the other bloggers noted that Geelong played the Collingwood game in amongst an inference of Cat supporter arrogance.

    The Cats played their own game. If they had played Collingwood’s game they would have lost – surely that makes sense, to some.

    The good news is that it has been already stated that we will not be able to challenge next year. From the looks of the mad Monday snaps from today the players are a little distracted from next year’s events at this time.

    They will have to leave up to Messrs Balme, Scott, Wells etc to work out another way to beat Collingwood next year. Apparently there are no other teams in the comp next year. It is still all about you know who.

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