Footy: My lowdown on all clubs’ away guernseys

One of the biggest rising issues in the game these days is the sort of guernsey your club wears. If you grew up watching footy in the early 20th century, you would be shocked to know that the likes of Melbourne, Hawthorn and the Western Bulldogs have predominantly white strip when there is a clash. Every team in the AFL now has a clash guernsey (yes, even Collingwood) and I will evaluate all of them:


The new clash strip for the Adelaide Crows is very clever, using a white background with red and gold strikes along the bottom and top. The new Crow logo also makes an appearance across the side, and has a ferocious looking red and gold eye.

Rating: 9/10.


The Lions made a radical change to their home strip, removing the famous lion from the front and replacing it with the new, fiercer looking lion emblem that takes up a whole lot more of the front. The clash strip is the same as this, but the maroon colour is replaced with the ‘Fitzroy-Red’ colour.

Home: 7/10

Away: 6/10


The Blues, never a side to don a white strip, were forced to come up with an idea for a clash jumper in 2007. The result was simple: just reverse the colours, so it’s a white guernsey with the blue CFC logo on the front.

Rating: 6/10.


The Pies have gone back to the past with their clash strip, reviving the white-with-black-stripes guernsey they wore for all of the 20th century. A very vintage look, suits every Collingwood player who dons it.

Rating: 9/10


The Bombers have been the arrogant bunch, not including a speck of white in their clash jumper, but instead widening the sash, but I don’t see how that avoids a clash. Would like to see a white version of the Essendon jumper with a red sash.

Rating: 1/10.


The Dockers have a simple design for their clash strip, getting rid of the red and green and making the jumper predominantly white with a purple anchor. Has been their clash strip since 2005, so the club and supporters must be happy with it.

Rating: 5/10


It’s hard to gauge the Geelong clash guernsey, seeing as they have only worn it once, but it did avoid the clash that they have with North Melbourne (if any). It is predominantly dark blue with the new Cats’ logo on the front with white stripes protruding from the ears.

Rating: 4/10.


Finally the Hawks introduced a quality looking clash strip, this number is white on the front with the new, vicious Hawk logo coming in from the side. The back of the guernsey is brown, with white stripes along the back.

Rating: 8/10.


The Demons actually have two clash strips. One is predominantly red, with a stylized Demon on the front in blue. The second one is the same as the first, except white replaces the red and the Demon is now red.

Red: 5/10.

White: 7/10.


Probably have the most publicised clash strip in the league, the Argentina-like jumper has grown on the fans who, at the start, didn’t want to look at it. I wish we wore it more often, although I’m glad it’s not like in 2007 where the Roos seemed to wear their clash strip because it was simply an away game. This jumper is very striking.

Rating: 9/10.


The Power had a massive overhaul in the fashion department, getting rid of that poncy old home jumper and replacing it with a black guernsey with a white and teal ‘V’ across the front. The away strip is white, with a black and teal ‘V’.

Home: 8/10.

Away: 8/10


The clash jumper for the Tigers isn’t really that different to the home strip. The away version is black with the yellow sash but also yellow panels down the side, and the numbers are now enclosed by a white box, similar to Hawthorn’s home guernsey.

Rating: 3/10.


The old clash strip for St Kilda was an absolute joke, but the new one is definitely worthy of a high score. Smaller red and black stripes with a wider white stripe and the white fills the back of the guernsey.

Rating: 7/10.


The Swans have finally gotten with the times, introducing a clash strip for when the Gold Coast is introduced, seeing as the jumpers are similar. This new version is white with a red ‘V’ and a Swan across the front. Probably won’t be seen in 2010.

Rating: 6/10.


The Eagles’ new clash jumper is very impressive. Predominately white with the blue Eagle logo and gold strikes underneath it. Will be interesting to see whether this guernsey will take the role of the previous away strip, or if the popular away jumper will take over as the home guernsey.

Rating: 7/10.


The Doggies’ clash strip actually suits them. It is predominantly white with a red and blue stripe across the front, with the Bulldog logo in the centre.

Rating: 7/10

As some of you might know, clash strips and the history of jumpers is a strong point of my footy knowledge, and I’m very interested in the changes that the clubs’ wardrobes go through at the end of the year. But some changes I would like to make are:

* A maroon coloured Brisbane guernsey with a white lion with a gold trim.

* A predominantly white Carlton guernsey with navy blue stripes from the top and from the bottom, and the logo in the middle.

* A white Essendon jumper with a red sash.

* A predominantly red Melbourne strip with a stylised, mean looking white Demon across the front.

* A predominantly white Richmond jumper with a yellow sash and stylized black claw marks.

* Simple old South Melbourne strip for Sydney.

* A predominantly yellow jumper with a blue and white stripe across the middle for the Eagles.

* classic Footscray for the Dogs.

Maybe some of these changes will be made. Hey, if a seven year old girl can change the entire Port Adelaide apparel, surely I have a good chance.

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. Steve Healy says

    a white Essendon jumper with a red sash? A white Essendon jumper! sorry, that wouldn’t work

    Good article Josh, I knew the Roos jumper would get the (equal) highest rank.

  2. A white Richmond jumper with a yellow sash would be even worse.

    I hate the new Lions logo.

  3. Steve Healy says

    same, I don’t know what the Lions were thinking by changing their logo, I loved that Lion

    today b4 homeroom started i pinned up the 2010 Collingwood team poster on our classroom wall lmao my teacher walkes in and hes like in a joking manner “Who put that up? DANIELLE! take it down!” (hes a bomber) lol
    he was only kidding and so he said – “fine u cant keep it up but put it in the corner where u sit” lol
    so naturally during class i cnt face the fornt cos im too busy staring at my Collingwood boys. Joshua Thomas is A HUGE HIT with the ladies mind you. :)

  5. Steve Healy says

    Hey Danni :)

    hahaha thats funny

  6. An Essendon poster was in the Hun today Danni, don’t be surprised if your teacher gets revenge by putting that up :)

  7. lol yeah i know..the whole class was like ‘duhh danni put it up obviously!!!’
    then at lunch i ran into my fav teacher and he was asking me who was playing for us on friday night, so i told him and he was like “yeah doenst matter if we lose its only the pre-season.”
    im like “dont lie sir.”
    and he laughed and hes like..”yeah it matters!!” lmaoo

  8. 6- lmaoo my re teacher cut it in half and then made it into a ball and threw it into the bin to the horror of the essendon supporters in my religion class. lmaoo school was funny today!

  9. As if you call your teacher sir!

    If anyone’s interested, all the squads for round 1 part 2 are on the AFL site.

  10. Steve Healy says

    Hey, did the Herald Sun exclude Andrew Lovett from their team photo? That was reported in the age today

  11. Steve Healy says

    Yes Adam we know, we know

  12. I heard that ages ago Steve. The Saints didn’t bother to invite Lovett to be in the team photo.

  13. Steve Healy says

    It’s great to see that Lovett is fighting back!

    Hey guys, appently the Dome’s surface is really dodgy after the ACDC concerts, so don’t expect a beautiful surface on Sunday (and Tomorrow night)

  14. 9- i like syaing ‘Sir’ you know since i was supposed to be born back in the day.. :)

  15. although me and my fav teacher normally just call eachother Nathan lol

  16. Steve Healy says

    When were you supposed to be born Danni?

  17. Steve Healy says

    Breaking news: Dean Solomon has announced his retirement. Not really breaking lol but its sad news for the Dockers

  18. in the 19th century ;)

  19. Steve Healy says

    Ok, Not before 1858 though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Wait a second, does he call you Nathan too?
    “Hi Nathan,”
    You were 100 years late Danni. Thats a lot, I was only 11 days late.

  21. 19- okay, just aslong as i get to go to balls everynight and dance with the officers, wear the pretty stain, lace dresses and most importantly,meet Mr.Darcy :)

  22. Steve Healy says

    The only Mr.Darcy I know is Luke Darcy

  23. Steve Healy says

    Adam, are you officially coming on Sunday?

  24. 21 – Just watch One Week at a Time.

  25. 20- yeah he calls me Nathan too :)
    once when he was telling eveyrone how they did on an assignment he calls me up like this-
    lol and then he says
    “You did well on this assignment, grabed a few marks, kicked a handfull of goals, made a few tackels!”
    LMAO hes the bestest! :)
    i was complety shattered when i didnt get him as my homeroom teacher.

    lol Adam i was late by 2 weeks actually.

  26. I’m 99% certain I’m coming.

  27. Steve Healy says


    im 100%

  28. worst thing is when im driving and i see the billboard with Eddie and Luke Darcy on it..i swear one day im gonna crash my car b/c of it! :) lmao

  29. Steve Healy says

    Danni, its funny that if you put Nathan and Jack together, you get Nack, which is shortened version of Almanac

  30. Steve Healy says

    How do hair extensions work?

  31. lmaoo well basically there a part (like a clip or you can also glue it) stuck to the fake hair which to place as close as you can to where you hair starts on your scalp. ive never had to use em though! :)

  32. Steve Healy says

    Thanks, I thought it was some magicial thing that makes hair longer.


  33. 32- lmfaoooo are you serious?
    nah its just fake hair that you glue at the back of your hair right on ur scalp.

    please tell me you know how arcylic nails work! lol

  34. What the hell are darcylic nails?

  35. Steve Healy says

    No I don’t Danni. I dont pay any attention to my nails, I havent cut them for 10 years, but they stay short

  36. 34- lmaoo are u serious?
    dont you notice girls who have thier nails professionally done?????
    they are fake nails which are made by mixing water and a certain paste with the french tip of a nail that are applied to the original nail.
    love getting my nails done professionally..its expensive though.
    normal cost is 40-50 bucks and about 20 bucks to get them removed.

  37. Steve Healy says

    40-50$ Why cant you just keep your original nails! Why you pay money to get rid of nails! It doesnt make any sense sorry. No one notices nails anyway so why decorate them?

  38. 37- because fake nails look really good. i got mine done for my cousins’ wedding and for my year 10 formal. you might not think its important but it adds to the neatness and class of the outfit.
    i dont decorate mine..i just go for a french tip and depending on the occasion ill have some bling (diamantes) glued on, it cost extra for bling.

  39. Boring.

  40. 39- im making my plam cards now!! :)

  41. Steve Healy says

    plam cards lol.

  42. In my part of the world they’re called cue cards.

  43. lol PALM cards!
    we have been told
    “girls dont put ur whole speech on you palmcards…”

    dude…im not gonna listen..this is how i roll so im having my speech with me end of story! :)

  44. Damian Watson says

    What is it with women and their nails? lol

    An intresting decision by Dean Solomon but really his only real purpose in the side was to provide experience for the new generation of players.

  45. lol, i could say the same thing about guys and cars Damo. :)

  46. Steve Healy says

    44- True Damo, but its always sad to see a player i’ve followed my whole life leave the game

  47. what i found more interesting is Watts and his back problems..i can tell u from personal experience BLAME THE HEAVY SCHOOL BAGS!

  48. Steve Healy says

    Guys and cars! not that many guys are obsessed with cars, I couldnt give a **** about cars

  49. Steve Healy says

    hahaha good one Danni. He turns 19 in a month so after then the school bag problem will be behind him

  50. 98% OF GUYS ARE steve.

  51. so you wouldnt be interested in what car Jurrah drives? lol

  52. Steve Healy says

    Thats absolute crap, no way 98% of guys are obsesed with cars. Maybe 98% of guys with an italian/greek/lebanese descent.

  53. LOL kk Steve, fair enough.
    ya know…looking at the pic of Watts on the HS website i recon you gonna look like him in like 5 years.
    nawww!! lol

  54. Steve Healy says

    100% of everyone should love footy.

    Yeah I look a bit like Watts. lol

  55. yeah but when ur like 19 you will look like his twin, like seriously when i saw that photo i was like- “thats gonna be Steve in 5 or six years…NAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!”

  56. Steve Healy says

    Hey, I’m only 1,273 days younger than him Danni

  57. LOL.yeahh thats not much at all.
    but seriously Steve all u have to do is look at Watts to see your future self! :) lmaoo
    and Adam can look at Pendles! :)

  58. Steve Healy says

    You’re 1,572 days younger than Jack Anthony Danni

    :) lOVE HIM, love him loveeeeeee him to PIECES!! :)

  60. Steve Healy says


    i cnt wait to meet him…oh god…im gonna be so nervous…what should i say?

  62. Steve Healy says

    so its this Saturday your going to the family day?

    Don’t lie, tell him that you love him

  63. Yeah its this Saturday….
    What I cant do that..he think im a freak

  64. Steve Healy says


  65. Steve Healy says

    how ironic, I get comment 64

  66. i was thinking of printing off a copy of my poem ‘footyless’ and giving it to him, with my email addy.
    … that too…you know..?

  67. You got 56 and 60 also steve, and I got 67. It’s not really ironic, just coincidental.

  68. Steve Healy says

    no, if you really love jack, don’t be too afraid to show it

  69. 68- …i dont know..i dont want to play the crazed obsessed love affair fan stalker girl card…
    i think i should just normal as i can…dont wanna turn him off.

  70. I mean a teacher even told me that footy player don’t go for girls who like footy, they go for girly girls, and that’s true I mean just look at Gibbs, Murphy, Judd, ect

  71. Damian Watson says

    Well players do like too escape from any sort of conversation about footy in their free time, which could be a reason.

  72. 71- exactly Damo. And you hardy hear about WAGS attending games unless it’s a milestone game or final

  73. Is the Almanac different or is my laptop playing up?

    I met Anthony Stevens earlier, what a great bloke. I’ll send you guys the picture i had taken with him shortly.

  74. …Josh u didnt mention how i think Laidley is pretty did you……????

  75. Josh Barnstable says


  76. 75- ur kidding

  77. Damian Watson says

    Is he a fan of the Almanac?

  78. Steve Healy says

    I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Josh Barnstable says

    76: Lol

    77: I left school at 2:00 and went to Echuca for a funeral of a Barnstable member. After it we went to Stevo’s work, the place was locked up, so we left, got some TEA, went back and it was open. Dad went in and he came back out and said to come in. And yeah started talking to him, showed him the Almanac (which he kept) and then showed us the backroom of his work where he has a framed picture on the wall of heaps of pictures of himself, and on the bottom it said “Happy Birthday, love you, from The Archer” and there was a big painting of Ricky Ponting and also a footy locker with the team of the century on it (i found out i’m getting a Team of the Century guernsey for my birthday)

  80. Steve Healy says

    awesome Josh, im sorry that a Barnstable died.Where does he work?

  81. 79- LOL? what do you mean LOL!!????
    Seriously..ur kidding right??

  82. Steve Healy says

    what does yes’m mean?

  83. Josh Barnstable says

    80: Nah it was all cool, he was 90 i think so it wasn’t tragic. He works at some Party-hire place.

    81: Rofl

  84. Josh Barnstable says

    82: Shortened for “yes mam'” (Mockingbird talk)

    Josh…are you being serious?

  86. Steve Healy says

    party hire, cool, did you hire a party while you were there?

    Whats so bad about that Danni, we can call you mam

  87. Damian Watson says

    That’s impressive, how many North Melbourne figures have you met now? must be close to at least 15 lol

    Did North ever wera guernsey to celebrate their Team of the Century? I know that they wore a tribute jumper at Archer’s 300th game.

    By the way condolences after the death.

  88. I didn’t say anything about the mam part…im just wondering if Josh really told him about Laidley…

  89. Steve Healy says

    I don’t know what you see in Laidley, Danni. He has one of the most horrible faces ive ever seen

  90. 89- DOES NOT!!

  91. Steve Healy says

    he does, he’s got as many wrinkles as a 90 year old

  92. Josh Barnstable says

    85: Lmao

  93. JOSH ur killing me..did u tell him or not???????????????

  94. Steve Healy says


  95. ……and?
    im not talking baout the paper…im talking baout the pretty ex-north coach in the photo.

  96. Steve Healy says

    Guys, listening to SEN, the Etihad Stadium surface is absolutely horrible (theres a Victory game on there)! Its pretty much a desert at the coventry end!

    just warning

  97. *SQUEALS*,,5966595,00.jpg

  98. Damian Watson says

    This isn’t the first time the surface at Etihad Stadium has been affected, I remember they almost cancelled a Victory game because of the amount of glass on the surface.

    Ian Collins shold be ashamed lol.

  99. Josh Barnstable says
  100. 100- YES or NO???

  101. Steve Healy says

    yeah stupid Ian.

    Danni, you have foxtel don’t you? Can you put it on the soccer and tell us how bad the surface is?

  102. 102- LOL mums in comand of the remote..and the phone…lmaoo

    did u see ralphy????????? :)

  103. Josh Barnstable says

    Why is the Almanac so different!!

    101: Maybe

  104. Steve Healy says


  105. 104- GRRRRRRRRRR…..!!!!!

  106. Josh Barnstable says

    106: You know what ya gotta do to get an answer from me..

    105: As i told you on MSN..

  107. 107- Im just gonna take it as a no. lol

  108. Josh Barnstable says

    108: Fine, be wrong then..

    He called Hamish McIntosh soft too lol.

  109. 109- ahh so if im wrong in saying no, then you did tell him!
    what did he say?

  110. Josh Barnstable says

    Lol no i didn’t tell him.

    And about McIntosh, he said he shouldn’t wait on the wing to get easy touches and should be in the defensive or offensive goalsquare saving or kicking goals while not Rucking.

  111. lol you have no idea how funny his reaction would have be if you did.

    did he say anything about Swallow?

  112. Josh Barnstable says

    Nope, but i’m meeting him on Sunday, feel free to come along..

  113. 113- very funny, although u better tell him i love him and that i said hes welcome at Collingwood anytime! :)

  114. Steve Healy says

    If you really loved him you’d tell him in person Danni, lol

  115. ….dude im not even gonna say it to Superman! ill just stand there and draw lovehearts and blow kisses at him lmaoo

  116. Steve Healy says

    danni, if your goin to the collingwood family day on saturday you may as well go with us on sunday

  117. Josh Barnstable says

    About to send the picture of me and Stevo..

  118. …we have been through this before, its not like I even went to the family day which finishes at 1:00 when I get up at 1:30!! So it’s a win-win. If I was to go with you guys it will take me hours to get ready and then when I get home theres NO CHANCE of studying cos I am tired after footy and want to sleep.

  119. Steve Healy says

    I just looked at the soccer on Justin TV, it really looks shocking!

  120. 119: Take a bullet and get up really early on Sunday, with enough time to study, go to church, study, get dressed and then come to the footy. It’s not that hard.

  121. 121- ohh okay so that means get up at 5:00 to study????? and then church is at 11:00 buy the time i get home its ovger and out (i would have collapsed on my bed)

  122. Steve Healy says

    I feel so guilty being able to get such a good live stream over the internet

  123. oh after staring at the collingwood poster behind my desk at school i offically think Joshua is the cutest muffin name EVER.

  124. 124: Oh thanks.

  125. 125- exactly so dont hate ur name, cos i love it, its such a cute name!! :)
    how does this sound?

    Jack Joshua Anthony.
    i like it as a middle name for a kid.

  126. Danni, the funeral i went to today was for John Barnstable, who was known as Jack. Bit like John/Jack Anthony lol.

  127. Danni – remember his name is actually John Anthony.

  128. …nawwww :(
    well hes in a better place now.

  129. Damian Watson says

    Don’t worry Steve, when you see your team live on the stream the guilt will pass believe me.

  130. 128- yeah i know but he likes Jack better and i do too, Jack- Anthony sounds so good.
    Jack-Joshua-Anthony :)

  131. Joshua is a cute muffin name? As Damo can confirm, I have a cousin called Joshua, and he’s far from cute.

  132. 130: Guilt? What guilt? Channel 7 should feel guilty for not showing games live!! And how come they don’t show the sunday afternoon game live?

  133. would you know!? he probably is cute but u dont see it!

    plus look at Joshy.B and Joshers (Josh Thomas) what cute muffins they are!

  134. Oh my god, the Etihad pitch looks TERRIBLE, especially at the end Victory’s kicking to.

  135. 134: 8) Stevo asked me who was cuter? Me or him. I told him me lol. Then he said chicks dig the scars and showed me his scar on his neck from that incident years ago, so i showed him my scar.

  136. 135: We’re going to see the game, not the grass.

  137. 136- scars….we dig scars??? yeah not me. lol

  138. Can you guys see a comment 138?

  139. Just had a look at the Geelong squad. I’m so scared :(

    if so, yeahh be VERY VERY scared!!

  141. Yeah..

  142. 141: No, mainly Bartel, Ablett and Selwood.

  143. as for me..the saints..Pffffffffttttt!! nothing without Ball.

  144. Saints by 21
    Swans by 44
    Cats by 53
    Demons by 30

  145. what!!! Joshy!! whats wrong with you!!
    omg its not gonna be a happy family day if the Pies lose on Friday night LMAOO

  146. Sorry Danni, i think Luke Ball will get K’Oed by a Saints player too.

    Oh speaking of being K’Oed, today in Ultimate Frisbee the teacher was running to catch the frisbee and he saw a student also going to catch it and they both jumped at each other to get outta the way and the teacher ended up kneeing him in the gonads and also headbutting him right on the shoulder and both of them fell to the ground and didn’t get up for a bit lol.

  147. I have some bad news to give to you all…

  148. Oh that’s no good Adam, so we won’t be seeing you on Sunday?

  149. I have a basketball match starting at 8:30 on Sunday night, which I won’t be able to get out of. Because the match starts at 4:40, that means it will most likely finish around 7:00, considering NAB Cup quarters are shorter, then we’re going into the dressing rooms for I don’t know how long, so if I go to the match with you guys I’ll have to hurry like hell to get back to Eltham by train.

  150. Adam, we probably won’t be going into the dressing rooms after the game, before the game we probably will. And you can leave late in the last quarter if you have too, but I think when the game ends Dad and I need to get back to the train station pretty much straight away.

  151. Oh and by the way, i believe in what someone said in the HS yesterday: Lovett will play with the VFL for a couple of years, then return to the AFL through GWS with Kevin Sheedy recruiting him.

  152. That’s a relief Josh, I thought it would be after the game. I’ll be able to make it then, although it will be a bit of a hurry to get back obviously.

  153. 3 Nicholas Westhoffs – You’d be a genius if that eventuates Barney.

  154. Have a look at this website, sign up for it, and watch the video. How hilarious!

    What does Nick Westhoff have to do with anything Adam?

    And i dunno, we might’ve planned to go into the rooms after the game but we’ll be going in their beforehand and at half time so yeah it doesn’t really matter.

  155. I signed up as Anthony Morabito :)

    Nick Westhoff wears number 51. 51×3=153, and I was responding to comment 153 Jeez Barney, wake up :P

  156. No wonder i couldn’t figure it out! I’m only in Academic Maths, not Scientific Maths.

    Anyway i’m off, swimming sports tomorrow. Cya

  157. Finally the weeks over…St Kilda Collingwood in 3 hours.

  158. Swimming sports was okay, went down the street beforehand and got some breakfast. My house came 3rd out of 4.

    Will Minson is a lucky man..

  159. Yeah, that Will teach him to drink Japanese soy milk.

    Imagine the club doctor’s reaction when he asked Will whether he’d drunk that type of soy milk and he said “Hell yes, I’ve drunk gallons of it over the past 3 or 4 years.” :o

  160. Well Will is definitely one of the strangest players in the AFL..

  161. Steve Healy says

    He’s stupid anyway, who’d drink that crap

  162. A 6’6 tall German-speaking saxophone-playing engineering student would.

  163. Steve Healy says

    Gee, Will does all that?

    Drink real milk Will!

  164. 164: Yeah, there was a story in the HERALD SUN about his weird habits last year or so.

    I don’t see why people drink fake milk. Drink the milk that comes from the cow, not the one that gets so many additives and crap.

  165. Steve Healy says

    – I completely agree Josh, I always have a go at my sister for drinking soy milk

    Cant wait for the game tonight, even though its on delayed on tv.

    Yes, my Dogs V Lions piece is up, finally

  166. Rex Hunt always gets it wrong by calling Will “the clarinet player” whenever he gets the chance.

    I wouldn’t say speaking German or playing the saxophone is a weird habit, but drinking soy milk is.

  167. Triple M ROOOOOOCCCCKSSSS FOOTBALL!! on tonight, we’ll get to hear Rexy in his debut call for his new station.

  168. Steve Healy says

    Really, Josh? I didn’t think they’d start till the start of the regular season.

    I love Triple M, or at least used to, but with BT gone I’m really broken inside

  169. Damian Watson says

    It will be intresting to see how Rex gels with his new team.

    Good to see Australia finally won a Gold in the Winter games.

    What happened to Will Minson?

  170. Steve Healy says

    look on the super footy website Damo

    Whats with the Herald Sun and these obscure stories?

  171. Its big news Steve.

    Christi Malthouse got sacked by Channel 10 apparantly.

  172. Steve Healy says


    Status- making the weekend’s scoresheets, only 3 needed cos im goin to Geelong V Roos

  173. Damian Watson says

    I probably won’t be writing a report for this weekends matches because I’m going to be at a holiday house at Sorrento on Saturday night and I have company on Sunday before I head to the game with you guys.

    Are you sure she was sacked? I thought it was a resignation.

  174. Speaking of channel 10, Rob Waters needs to be sacked! “The surface has taken a battering since the ACD concerts.” Its ACDC!

    The ground looks better tonight, but last night was shocking.

  175. Damian Watson says

    What did you guys think of Rob Waters commentary debut last year? I thought he wasn’t too bad and his voice kept up with the play.

  176. So where should we meet on Sunday?

  177. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it looks a little better, I was just watching the news on channel 10.

    Lol, there was a tiger snake in the Etihad stadium car park apparently

  178. Damian Watson says

    and when?

  179. Steve Healy says

    At the end of the bridge from southern cross station

  180. Steve Healy says

    when does your train arrive Josh? I’d say we’d meet before 4

  181. Damian Watson says

    What time should we meet? 3:30?

  182. Steve Healy says

    im predicting St.Kilda will wear their white away guernsey and Collingwood will wear their normal attire tonight

  183. 184: No, Saints will wear their black strip and the Pies will be in their clash strip. I am certain i saw either Riewoldt or Clint Jones in the background during Ch10 news and they were wearing black shorts.

    I think we should meet outside a gate at Etihad, my train leaves Seymour at 2:30, so yeah around 3:25 i think i’ll be getting there.

  184. Steve Healy says

    ok, 3:30 it is. If we’re all taking the train there we may as well meet on the bridge

  185. Steve Healy says

    well see, Josh

  186. What bridge!? Lol, well the only person in danger of missing out on meeting up with us is Michael, as he has no phone so we can’t contact him if he doesn’t show up or gets lost.

    Steve, i’m relying on you to text me score updates of Dockers v Demons on Sunday night.

  187. Steve Healy says

    WHAT BRIDGE???? WHAT BRIDGE???? you’ve been to Etihad stadium before! When you leave the train station, you walk across the bridge to get to the stadium.

    Yeah we need Michael to get on soon.

    Ok, I will Josh, hopefully I get home in good time for the game

  188. Steve Healy says

    hopefully they continue the trend of the home team wearing their away jumpers, that means that the Dees will wear there home jumper and shorts against Freo who’ll wear there white jumper lol

  189. Oh that bridge that goes on forever? I prefer the MCG bridge lol.

    Well yeah, look for an Argentina jumper and you’ll find me.

  190. Steve Healy says

    How does it go on forever?

    The MCG bridge is good, but the best way to get to the ground is to walk through yarra park from richmond station. brilliant

  191. Steve Healy says

    its gonna be 34 on Sunday.

    ill probably be wearing my Dees jumper

  192. Steve Healy says

    Actually, I might not wear my Dees jumper, I usually like to wear normal clothes to neutral games

  193. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I like to walk past the Punt Rd Oval through the park to the MCG.

    I’ll be spewing if Carlton wears their white jumper tomorrow night but it doesn’t seem likely.

  194. Damian Watson says

    What do you define as normal clothes Steve? lol you’ll probably wear a Demons t-shirt.

  195. Steve Healy says

    Nah I don’t think they will Damo, it makes no sense to wear it against Sydney.

    i hate Carlton’s white jumper

  196. Steve Healy says

    well yeah, normal clothes for me at home is usually my Dees jumper.

  197. Steve Healy says

    nah I dont have a demons tshirt, ive got 3 jumpers though, my new one, one from 2001 or 2002, and one from 15 years ago or something (with Tooheys as sponsor)

  198. I’ll be in my clothes i wore to the launch, but with a different undershirt.

    The only times i go to the MCG, we either park in the bus parking area and walk up that steep bridge which then goes downwards, and other times we go into the carparks which isn’t long from the gates.

    The Etihad Stadium bridge also took forever to walk through, especially when i was younger, and also because i was anxious to get into the ground. And if its gonna be 34, i don’t want to be sitting in the sun. Do you think they’ll shut the roof?

  199. Steve Healy says

    Just dont sit at the coventry end/ outer wing on the first level, then the sun won’t bother

  200. I’ll bring my aviators.

    Should someone take a camera to show Danni all the fun she’ll be missing out on?

  201. Status – wiping lipstick off my mouth.

  202. Steve Healy says

    yeah take a camera, one of us should at least.

    When I hear the word aviator im reminded of the movie Avatar

  203. I haven’t seen Avatar yet, i’m so ashamed.

  204. Josh, i just looked at the pic u sent last night.
    omgoshhhhhhhhhh you have changed so much!!Joshyyyyyyyyyyyy!! :)
    such a cute muffin!!
    btw i like your hair better like in the pic.

  205. Thanks Danni

    I’ll send another photo i got taken today, i got attacked by a couple of girls with hair spray, lip gloss and zinc cream so i look pretty weird.

  206. lmaoo
    danni’s reaction to the pic-
    *Squeals* :)

    lmaoo….interesting combo…still if ur attacked by girls thats gotta be a good thing.

    lol we had an emergency lockdown practice at school and just to be funny when the alarm went off i sat on the floor under my desk with my books lmaoo, gave everyone in my ‘free period’ a good laugh.

  207. I sent the pic.


  208. Damian Watson says

    Have you guys had a practice lockdown only to find out later that there actually was someone armed on the loose?

    You’d be happy to know that the Pies are overwhelming favourites Danni, it will be intresting to see the treatment given to Luke Ball by his former teammates.

  209. hahahah lol
    Joshy if it wasnt for the lipstick in that photo it would have been ur prettyest pic ever! lmaoo
    damnnnn boy! :P lol

  210. 210- nope lmaoo i was seriously sitting under my desk on the floor and the girls had a good laugh at me, what can i say im an entertainer..!
    until the teacher came in and told everyone off for not being under their desks! lmaoo

  211. 211: I thought the lipstick made it better..

    212: We have a lockdown once a year, and we always joke that we get under the tables and talk loud and laugh and stuff and there is actually armed gunmen on the loose. I just hate the leadup to a lockdown, i’ll be sitting there doing my work as usual when a loud-as siren starts blaring and we don’t know whether its a fire drill or lockdown drill.

    Status- got green hair.

  212. i cnat wiat for my swimming carni!!
    cnat wiat to dress up gangster and do my class dance infront of the whole school :)
    we are making our homeroom teacher be in it too! lmaoo
    hes gonna wear like baggy clothes and a cap backwards, sunnies, lots of bling and make himself a hummer our of boxes. lmaooo ohh god it gonna be funny as! :)

  213. Do all of you guys call it Swimming Carnivals? Hmm, weird. Must be a city-initiative.

  214. status- ipod- song for carni dance
    ‘Put your hands up’-Fat man scoop
    we dance to it for about one minute of the song and then its gonna fade out to the YEAR LEVEL SONG…lol

    its such a cool song! :) lol

  215. The year 12’s raced the teachers in a relay today, the teachers won easily :| :|

    Danni, you should get someone to video the dance.

  216. lmaoo its too hard to film cos we dance up on the stairs on the other side of teh pool opposite to where the whole school sits. ill see if i can get some photos taken maybe…

    lol Josh u should download the song that way u can kida visualise my gansta dancing lmaoo

  217. Steve Healy says

    hey guys

  218. Do any of you guys have trouble getting into AFL Match Centre on the AFL website? I always do, takes me 7-10 goes to get it working.

  219. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT!!
    why does it feel like im turning 17 all over again?????????

  220. Lol at least Nathan Brown kicked Kosi in the face Danni, that should please you.

  221. ps- im watching the game delayed on tv, first qt- “arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhggggggg!”

  222. Do you know the current score?

  223. corse not.
    omggg did u see THAT!
    AGGGRGGGGGGGGGGGH f*** riewoldt!!

  224. What a fantastic match.

  225. cnt stand the F****** Princess Riewoldt!!
    like just piss off seriously, they treated Ball badly so he has a right to walk out..GEEZ!!!

    Status- cnt believe how close that was..feel like crying already.

  226. Collingwood did a good job coming back from 43 points down midway through the 3rd quarter, that’s one major positive. It’s a shame they couldn’t finish the job off though.

    Who was marking Adam Schneider?

    Also, I was impressed with Alastair Smith (39) for St Kilda, he stood out, had a nice looking left foot, wasn’t overawed.

  227. Rhys Stanley was impressive too.

    As for the last few minutes, blame Ben Reid.

  228. a shame?
    im seriously heartbroken right now..
    i just wanna cry im so upset…
    F*** Riewoldt!

    if only cloke had kicked straighter, Meddy and Jolly were superstars.

  229. Ball was very good too, Cloke kicked 0.2.5.

    Danni, it was only a NAB Cup, and just remember the last two games you played St Kilda, the Pies were blown outta the water so this game was an improvement.

  230. What about David Armitage? Could be a breakout player in 2010 I suspect. Thought it was funny when the runner got bowled over, you could see him mouthing the f word as he got up.

    Gameday Live has St Kilda winning 100-99, but if you look at the goal timeline it says that Medhursts goal brought Collingwood to 103 and Schneiders brought the Saints to 102.

  231. I thought Medhurst’s final goal was a Supergoal..

  232. I was thinking Jason Blake’s in the 3rd quarter didn’t look like a supergoal when I watched it…

  233. 234- I’d say he just had his foot behind the line.

    Danni, its only the nab cup mate. The Pies showed some impressive signs, Ball was great, Shaw was too, Swan picked up plenty of the ball, Dayne Beams showed a lot. I thought the Pies would win at the end, but sometimes these things happen in footy

  234. Oh wait that link didn’t work, dont worry.

  235. whats that link Josh?

  236. Anyway, I think Toovey played a good game tonight, he kept presenting, he did a lot of good things, apart from a terrible kick late in the game which went straight to Schneider, but he was under pressure

  237. I love footy

    im goona cry!!

  239. What happened?

  240. THIS-

    We get nearer to the tent and that’s when the unimaginable happens.
    Im standing there having a good look at the players and trying to contain myself, we are 5th in the line but the right in the view of the players…I look over at Jack Anthony, gorgeous, flawless, love of my life, MY SUPERMAN. Then he does the thing that. Just absolutely kills me…he looks up at me in the line from the autograph table and I feel my heart drop. I take a heavy sigh as he looks away; at this point it was very hard not to lose consciousness.
    I make my way to him, he’s all smiles and I fell like im going to cry because im so happy.

    They are strict in the tents and won’t allow people to take photos with the players in the autograph section.

    DANNI: “hey Jack can I please get a photo?”
    (I say all cool and calm)
    At this point I have melted into a pool of goo.
    JACK ANTHONY: “hey, yeah just sure just a quick one”
    His voice, his manly amazingly beautiful voice…
    I lean in next to Jack and dad takes the photo. I never smile in photos but in that one I’m beaming.
    DANNI: “Thanks” (pulls out Collingwood jumper with number nine on the back)
    “Can you sign this for me too?”
    (Lays it down number facing Jack)
    JACK: (sees his number on my jumper and smirks at me) “WELL HELLLLO!”
    To this I was almost blown away, how could he do that to me? Say that “helloooo” in THAT flirtatious way!
    DANNI-(tries not to squeal at Jack’s flirty response)
    JACK: (still smirking) “Number Nine ey? Wonder who that is!”


    I couldn’t believe it, Jack Anthony was talking and joking with ME!
    What a flirt! to my amazement I responded, “Yeah, I’m not sure…you tell me.”
    JACK (laughs and signs jumper)
    DANNI: “Thanks.”

  241. Hahaha classic. You did better than i would have done Danni, i can hardly talk to AFL players.

    I expect to see that photo sometime soon.

  242. classic? JOSH I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO PASS OUT!! hes so freaking hot i was just like omg..why is he flirting with me? WAIT who cares, hes so freaking seksee!!! omggggggggggg
    my life is complete.

  243. Were the players in a sombre mood after last night?

  244. Nah they were fine really, OMG MEDDERS is the best omg he was so cute. a samll supporter wearin a Dorothy hat came up to him and Medders is like, “HEY BUDDY, is that a lizard hat?”
    and the kids mum is like, “NO thats Dorothy the dinosaur Paul! at this i was laughing so bad that Medders looked up at me in the line and he started laughing to and he calls out to me “well how whould i know!” and we just both laugh!

  245. Lol funny.

    Did you see Toovey? Oh and i hope you didnt’ talk to Ben Reid, he was shocking last night.

  246. lol nah i didnt go to the Toovey tent. lol
    yeah..i saw Reid…

  247. and the Medders says to me
    “so you have JACK’s number! why dont u have mine?”
    NO JOKE lmaoo

  248. He had his own tent?

  249. no, there was like 5 players in each tent, and the rookies were walking around and no one really noticed them..BUT I TOOK A PHOTO WITH JOSH THOMASSSSSS!! MUFFINNNNNN

  250. Every Josh is a muffin.

    Except Josh Fraser, he’s pretty dog.

  251. Steve Healy says

    Someone sounds happy.

    Good on ya Danni.

    I can talk to AFL players really well, I don’t know why.

  252. I can’t.

    My P.E teacher wants me to tell Corey Jones something tomorrow, if we see him in the rooms. Is he even in the squad?

  253. Steve Healy says

    Well, when I was talking to the Dees players I didn’t really hesitate once, not even with Jurrah

    I’m pretty sure he isn’t he could be in the rooms anyway.

    Are we going in before or after the game?

  254. Before the game (can’t wait for it to come back on TV)

  255. And we’ll probably go in at half time.

  256. Steve Healy says

    I don’t like Before the game that much, it can be funny sometimes though.

    I thought that you usually go to the rooms afterwards, and wouldn’t players be willing to talk to us after the game and not before the game?

  257. Well we might not have much time after the game, but we’ll see. We probably can.

    Bad news Steve, i’ve been looking all day for the Age with you in it but i can’t seem to find it..

  258. Steve Healy says

    I need to see myself, please! when im in doubt, I look under the sink

  259. Danni, who’s the asian with you in the photos?

    Oh and the last photo of you and Josh Thomas, you are so short!

  260. Under the sink? Ok..

  261. Steve Healy says


    Thanks for the photos Danni, it looks like you had a good time with your friend with the glasses

  262. 262: Wait, is it your Mum?

  263. Steve Healy says

    Yep, all the newspapers get thrown under the sink at the Healy joint

  264. lol thats my friend Fiona.
    i know i know! lol

    steve, im more than happy right now…i feel amazing!

  265. 265: No offence intended to Fiona..

  266. Steve Healy says

    Nice, Danni.

    Yep its her mum Josh

  267. doncha love the one of me and MEDDERS!!

  268. Steve Healy says

    Yeah he looks pretty nice. He played well last night, Medders. So did Toovey :)

  269. hes more then nice steve, i just wanted to jump on him and give him a massive hug! he really is a TEDDY!

  270. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, you and Jack look great together, I can really see it working.

    Hopefully you can see him again soon

  271. You know what would make your weekend even more perfect Danni?..

  272. Steve Healy says

    No we can’t bring Danni, we could lose her!

  273. Yeah she might get lost with all the little kids.

  274. 276- well i did almost consider going to over to the ‘TEN YEAR OLDS ONLY’ footy clinic to tackle Josh Thomas.

  275. oh and did u notice the pic where rusling is signing my jumper????
    hes smiling at me!!!!!! :)

  276. status- hugging collingwood jumper cos superman touched it..

  277. Steve Healy says

    yeah, danni, you’re loved at the club

  278. lmao nawww steve!! :)
    i swear i was just so happy to be around the guys and they were happy to joke around and in Jack Anthony’s case have a bit of a flirt. lmaooo DAMNNN hes hot

  279. seriously when he was talking to me i was thinking

  280. So Danni, you still don’t feel bad about last night?

  281. Steve Healy says

    you should’ve said that! lol

  282. are you serious?
    dude, the guy of my dreams was checking me out while i was in the line and then flirting with me when i went to get him autograph! feel bad?? im ontop of thw world!! :)

  283. Steve Healy says


    status- tired

  284. Status- crazy in love! :)

  285. Steve Healy says

    fair enough, I just went down to the park to have a kick of the footy, and there’s a bloody cricket game on there. i was so disappointed

  286. oh thats too bad Steve.
    omg i should print the pic of me and jack for my wallet! :)

  287. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I know :(

    Yeah u should do that

  288. ….omg look at his arms in the pic of him and me!!
    MANNNNNNNNN i shoulda like fallen asleep on his shoulder…… :(

  289. Steve Healy says

    How many autographs did you get Danni?

  290. lol HEAPS!! All on my jumper mind you. i wasnt gonna do that cos i only wanted Jack to sign my jumper but i was like, nah stuff it! so got them all to sign. and im happy i did cos when i gave it to Rsuling to sign he said “yay, see boys your not alone!” i think many didnt get Sean to sign their jumpers, poor guy…man hes freaking hot!

  291. oh and Simon Buckley was all smiles when i got his signature lol
    hes kinda cute too.

  292. Steve Healy says

    sounds good Danni, I was only about to get 12 dees players cos heaps of them went off the ground after the game.

    Yeah Simon Buckley’s a good looking fella, I wish him all the best at the Pies

  293. Steve Healy says

    So you didn’t get Toovey’s autograph?

  294. lol nope, i got ben reids and a photo with him too lmaoo

  295. Steve Healy says

    hahaha Toovey might have felt left out if you got one with Reid! lol

  296. lmaoo dude i swear to you i was lucky that Jack agreed to quickley get a pic and Medders had me by his side starightaway, he probably thought i was a cute muffin lmaoo

  297. Steve Healy says


    Can’t wait for the footy tonight, It’ll be weird seeing Brock McLean in Blues colours

  298. lol true, Luke Ball was enjoying himself today, hes cute.

    lol sorry you had to be on the end of my love obession steve, i cant help it Superman is the one!! :)
    i wrote a piece on the family day with full detail! :)

  299. 203 – WHAT??

    Dani, its sad you’re not joining the boys tomorrow, i think everyone is disappointed about not being able to catch up with you but study is important. I couldn’t keep count of the amount of times I went to the pub on a school night in year 12 hahaha.. (Josh, shhh)

    Shawn made sure to take a big divot out of the ground while he was at ACDC on Monday night just to annoy the football folk :)

    Have fun catching up guys, just checking up on my little brother while i’m laid up!

  300. 285 – good on you dani! how awesome is it to get some flirt action from a hot guy.. Man, its been a while, if you met my man, you’d understand hahahaa.

    (shhh again joshy)

  301. Wow, McLean is a bitch.

  302. AAARGGH!!! [email protected]#$%!

  303. 303- wats da matter Adam??

  304. Rohan and Jetta look likely types.
    Dunno about Lucas though.

  305. Lucas reminds me a bit of Kane Tenace, and not just because he’s called Kane. Seems to have plenty of dash about him, just from what I saw doesn’t look like a great kick.

    The Diamond Valley Basketball organisers is the matter Danni, they’ve changed the time of my game tomorrow from 8:30 to 6:50.

  306. 303- omg hey HAYLEY!!!
    how are you going?
    lol tell me about it, i was like standing there and then i was like
    (insert swear word here) JACK ANTHONY IS LOOKING AT ME!!!!
    man i would so run off and marry that hunk! :)

  307. Ohh that’s crap Adam..what are you gonna do? You can come for the first half don’t you think?

  308. Not a very good game blues look like they’ve lost all confidence now fevs gone

  309. That’s what I was thinking Josh.

    Yarran looked lively but still flawed, especially by foot.

    Good game for Supercoach scouts I think.

  310. Adam did u get my email????

  311. Henderson looks slooooow.
    Didnt see him lead much.
    I think they have to use Kruzer as a ruck that goes forward.

  312. Why didn’t you send the email to Michael Danni?? Lol

    Gary Rohan and Lewis Jetta. Get on them! Yarran was very productive tonight as well, but Carlton isn’t gonna win games with Betts, Yarran and Garlett.

  313. Lewis Jetta looks alot like Davey but plays like Delicious

  314. Yes I did Danni, just out of curiosity who’s the Asian girl you’re with, andthe goofily-smiling Collingwood player in the last photo, and the ranga in the background behind him?
    Looking at those photos I can see why everyone is surprised about you being an aspiring sports journalist – you look you spent a LOT of time touching up your appearance before meeting Jack.

  315. I had a chuckle when Henderson skewed that kick out on the full in the last quarter.
    Never thought of Sydney as a particularly Aboriginal-filled team despite Goodes and O’Loughlin, but now they seem to have quite a lot.

  316. Just wondering, who did you guys give 3 votes to tonight? I found it very difficult, i gave 3 to McGlynn.

  317. 315- ohh snap, knew i was forgetting someone! can u forward them plese Josh.

    oh that my friend Fiona a newly baptised Magpie. :) lol corse i spent ages getting ready, and it all paid off in the end, since i caught Jack looking at me when i was in the line… 8)
    in saying so i did look good right??

  318. Yeah tough one Josh id say McGlynn but only because he did better through out the game, Jetta would be another up there

  319. ohh i dont know..hes a cute rookie lmaoo
    i was like, hey look hes a rookie lets take a photo and corse he was happy to take one. :) lol

  320. Great game, Jetta is a freak, McLean was bad, Swans aren’t gone, Rohan is good, Yarran played well.

    Thats my summary

  321. Im seriously disappointed with Lucas Steve :/

  322. You looked alright Danni, although you weren’t beaming as much as you said you were.

    Where is Michael? I want him to eat his words about my predictions of the Swans making the 8. (Yes, i do know its only the NAB Cup)

    Steve forwarded them to Michael earlier.

  323. I gave 3 to Brett kirk Josh

  324. 324: What was so bad about him? It was only his first game and he provided some good run, he’ll win a NAB Rising Star nomination i can guarentee.

  325. Kane Lucas was good, not amazing but he was in carlton’s best players thats for sure

  326. He just isn’t what i expected :/ I thought he was gonna be a real goer he looks under done he looks like he would be a half decent player he is one of those players that will be a top VFL player but only half ok AFL player . .

  327. 325- Josh for me that is beaming!! lmaoo

  328. Doubt Lucas will be nominated Josh. Looks like a runner with ordinary skills to me. In his favour though, he is a midfielder, generally midfielders are bigger Rising star chances, like in the Brownlow, and one good game could do it, he’s certainly eye-catching. If he was a Pie Danni would love him.

  329. Jeff, he provided plenty of Carlton’s run and carry. 14 possessions and 4 marks. Not a half bad game on debut

  330. Yeah I just expected too much out of him i think. Rohan will he stay a forward or go back ?

  331. Forward. Was there even any speculation that he would go back?

  332. So are you going Adam?

  333. 331- no thanks especially after today, Jack Anthony is my man. :)

    status- hugging collingwood jumper cos jack touched it :)

  334. I dunno but I think he could be a good CHB looks quick and will get stronger

  335. I reckon he’s sutited as a forward, they’ve got an overflowing backline anyway

  336. That they do. Shaw, Kennely and Mattner pretty good half back line

  337. 309 – I’m going well Dani.. I’m recovering from knee surgery so i’m ridiculously bored!

    I hope all of the almanackers who go tomorrow have an awesome day and a good catch up. I’m going to bed!

  338. Yep I’m going, leaving at half time though :(

    We’re still going into the player rooms before the game yeah? What time will we meet and where?

  339. ohh goodnight, get bettre soon! :)

    SHAW..i didnt get to see him this time round :( lol i would have told him hes a pretty rangga.. :)

  340. Hope your knee gets better Hayley. I agree, its really sad that Danni cant come.

    Don’t worry Adam, well be going to more games

  341. 341: Yeah we will, we’ll go in their at half time so you can come in then and then leave if we are quick enough.

    I think we’ll meet at around 3:25-3:35 on the bridge, that fair enough Adam? If you got credit, text me tomorrow around that time if you can’t spot us.

  342. I wonder which one of us will spot each other first? I’ve seen enough photos of you to recognise you I think, especially in the Argentina guernsey.

  343. Well i won’t be looking around for you guys, i’ll probably be just leaning against a pole waiting to be found.

  344. lol Adam if u cnt spot him jsut ask around for “a muffin called Joshy”
    nawwwww LOL :)

  345. i reckon im gonna get there first

  346. Oh and for those who had their hearts set on sitting in the second or third level, we probably won’t be as it’ll be harder to get in and out of the changerooms and back to our seats.

    Oh and don’t forget to wish my Dad a happy birthday for today.

  347. 346: I sound like a stray dog..

  348. Happy Birthday Mr.Barnstable!


  350. Happy birthday Danni!

  351. What’s Mr.Barnstable’s first name? If it’s Ross, happy birthday Ross!

  352. 353-…..IS IT MAY 11TH ALREADY!!??

  353. Danni, dont tell people your bday, we’re on the internet!

    Im not gonna tell everyone that mine is september 30th, I live at 74 dent st and I have a dog named Sarah

  354. 354: Terry.

    Lol, i asked Dad what we were going to do after the game tomorrow and he’s like “I’ll be giving you a high 5” and i said “That’s the spirit!”


    STATUS- squealing at photos i took of Jack Anthony today :)

  356. photo (s)?

    There’s more?

  357. oh yes theres more :)
    i sent u the important ones with mostly me in em. lol

    i cnt believe JACK ANTHONY, had a conversation with ME!!!
    I knew not wearing my jumper was a good idea.

  358. is there anything else he said danni?

  359. who Jack?

  360. yep, what did John say

  361. Jack Anthony says

    Hi Danielle, I’m glad you enjoyed meeting me at the family day.

  362. Well basically he wasn’t supposed to take a photo with me but I ask him and he couldn’t say no. lol and then when I pulled out my jumper and put it infrotn of him really loudly he says “ELLLLOOOO!!” At this I was like dyyyyyyyyinnnnngggggggggg like you how dudes on tv say “elllooooooooo” to girls they try to chat-up, well it was like that! And he was grinning and I just laughed and went pink lol. Then he goes “number nine? Whos number nine?” lol he was trying to tease me and I just laughed and thoug OMG SAY SOMETHING FUNNY!! So I said “yeah I don’t know, can you tell me?”
    And HE LAUGHED, then he signed my jumper…..and I said thanks…and yeah…GOD HES EFFING HOT.

  363. nice.

    a year of comments

  364. A leap year of comments.

  365. Well i’m off, cya ya’ll tomorrow. Except YOU! :|

  366. nice? NICE??
    What part of dyiinggggggggg do you not get, like he just laid it on me and i was like…in shock cos most players didnt really say much besides Medders and Jack was being all flirty and confident…dude..please invent i time machine so i can relive that moment again… :)

  367. Don’t worry Danni im not goin either lol

  368. You can better that moment Danni if you come tomorrow, i’m sure Steve will flirt better than Superman.

  369. 367: YOU!..applies to Danni, Jeff and Dom.

  370. Hey ! I wasn’t invited :O lol

  371. I misread comment 368 the first time. I thought it said “he just laid on me” :o nah I missed the it.

  372. 372: I’ve asked you several times if you wanted to come!

  373. :O ! teva treva !

  374. Max Gawn + Matthew Bate

  375. 370: I agree!

  376. 370- ROFL poor stevey! :)

    Laid on me? Lmaoo Lol…well honestly I wouldn’t mind that at all…hes so hot
    Now I better go, you guys have fun 2mro and don’t forget to give swallow a kiss for me!

  377. You want us to kiss Swallow? handshake, maybe

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