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Attached is a link to a You Tube clip of Dave Warner (Suburban Boy fame) singing another ripper song called, Free Kicks. The song dates from 1979 and the clip looks as old. The song employs footy imagery in its examination of sexual relationships. Dave dons a WA State of Origin jumper. There is a dodgy looking actor playing an umpire demonstrating a dodgy bounce. So there is verisimilitude.

Watching the clip I got to wondering if this was indeed the first time footy had been used in a music clip. If so, it was ahead of its time. And I wondered what other music clips had employed footy or other sports to tell their story. So, taking Crio’s Q as my template, I want to put it to the Almanacers to stretch their memories and flex their histories in search of music clips using footy or sport to tell their stories and sell their wares.

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  1. John Butler says

    Rick, it doesn’t pre-date Mr Warner but you would , of course, be aware of Aloi Head & the Victor Motors classic, Ball…Yes.

  2. …and the wonderful TISM

  3. TISM of course featuring Ron Hitler Barassi

  4. Hey JB and Ltza:

    Great videos and blasts from the past. From the passion of the fan to narcissism, writ large and er, raw to TISM’s gentle(ish) reminder of the folly of it all. And some good old fashioned shirt fronts to boot.

    By the way, was TISM referencing St Kilda coincidence, prescience or merely the deep dark mirror?


  5. Andrew Fithall says

    I was fortunate enough to see Aloi Head and The Victor Mowers live last year at Apollo Bay. A rare treat, with ample opportunity for audience participation.

    Slightly off-topic but:

    Warwick Capper – I Only Take What’s Mine

    Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson – I’m An Individual

    And what Collingwood fan could fail to shed a tear to this song by Peter McKenna?

    Rick – Planning a trip to the Corner Hotel on Friday 4 March to see Wagons. Count you in?

  6. John Butler says

    Litza, I actually worked with Ron Hitler B for a while, many moons ago.

    Definitely a case of the alter-ego bearing little outward comparison to the source.

  7. John Butler says

    Does this selection of vids indicate that the footy/music axis veers to the yob/bogan end of sensibilities?

    No much chap-rock here JTH.

  8. Rick. Dave Warner also used to do song/monologue called “Half-time at the Football.” I don’t think that ever made its way to a video clip.
    Dave also wrote about Football in his crime and political novel “City of Lights.” I actually the think the football writing in this novel (although it is only a minor theme) is better than most of the football writing in novels where football is the major theme.

  9. Is that a sly “squirrel” at 3:00 in Free Kicks?

    I had (might even still have it somewhere) a live version of “Half-time at the Football” (on cassette). An “explicit language” warning would under-rate the level of blue.

  10. Martin Reeves says

    I’m currently reading Dave Warner’s ‘City of Light’ and have to agree that he really captures the East Freo v South Freo rivalry well, and what a win means to the local supporters. The novel is a very interesting portrayal of Perth in the ‘80s.

  11. From memory a loaf of bread is handballed from one band member to another in Men At Work’s “Down Under”, just as Colin Hay sings the “Vegemite sandwich” line.

  12. Good call Gigs. The 6’4″ Brusselian who was full of muscles does indeed handball the bread to Col’n Hay. A little later in the clip the whole band does the Kangaroo Hop (another great Warner song) over a sand dune.

    Tony (#10), that is indeed a squirrel being administered by the late great Johnny Leopard.

    Dave (#9), Half Time at the Football was a highlight of his live show. Depending on his mood and level of sobriety Dave would take off into some wonderful and quite lewd stories of what boys and girls get up to on a Saturdee arvo.

    and AF(#6), thanks for the Wagons invite. I’ll pass on that as I’m counting my chin hairs that night. By the way, still trying for The Phantom Band and will get back to you on that one.


  13. Spiderbait filmed a clip to one of their early hits based on a visit to the G with the after game kick to kick on hallowed turf. By all accounts Kram the singer/drummer had a bit of talent on the field as well. Another ban inspired by the footy were the Cosmic Psychos. Original drummer Bill Walsh(?) played high level amateurs I do believe. As well as being a RRR stalwart.

    What is it about drummers and footy Paul Hester (Crowded House) didn’t mind a dob of the pill post soundcheck in the auditoriums either…

    I’m sure Paul Kelly has some footy based songs in his oeuvre, although have been out of touch on that score. See that mixing of music and RL/Union metaphors?

  14. Not Footy but Cricket – Howzat (and RIP Harvey James).

    Also, I’m pretty sure Michael Barclay, drummer for Paul Kelly and Weddos would wear a Bombers jumper at pub gigs.

  15. Mark Seymour wore a Big V singlet on one H&C clip.

  16. A few years ago I managed to get the guys from The National play their encore set at The Corner in Fitzroy jumpers…

  17. Rocket Rod Gillett says

    This response from Dave Warner about some of the questions that have emerged in the Comments:

    Rocket you clearly know the answers to these questions – the goal umpire was real wasn’t he? (YES) The jumper were a local club right? (SOUTH SYDNEY) But what you should post on the site is that the girl whose hair is being pulled is actor Anne Tenney in one of her earliest roles, and the guy who blows smoke in my face is actor Grant Dodwell.

  18. Andrew Fithall says

    #18 Excellent get Craig. The only way that could be topped is by doing the same with Mumford and Sons and their big hit…

  19. Craig (#18): Wow! Ingenious! Brilliant! How did you make that happen? I need to know the story behind that. Preferably sharing a jar of beer or three. I love the band and now I love ’em even more.

    & Thanks Rocket for Warner’s contribution. Does Warner remember the name of the umpire? Was he a WAFL ump? Is Dave sure the jumpers were South Sydney as opposed to Palmyra or White Gum Valley or another outer Freo suburb like, say, Bicton?


  20. Rocket Rod Gillett says

    Hi Rick,

    Dave couldn’t remember he name of the field umpire. The guernseys were definetly South Sydney because the clip was filmed at Trumper Park in Paddington, Sydney – then the home of East Sydney, now the base for the UTS Bats (Univ of Technology) who will go into the premier comp this season. Sadly, Souths are no more.

    And yes Rick you picked out the late Great Johnny “Don’t call me Cougar” Leopard employing a typical South Fremantle tactic. Other Suburbs boys running around that I spotted were guitarist Tony “The Pom” Durant and drummer Howie Johnston. We all miss John Ryan.

  21. Neil Hassa Allen says

    The great Johnny Leopard (RIP) told me in the toilet (we were both straining the potatoes – and only our own!) when asked which WAFL team he barracked for… he responded Perth Football Club.

    That made me smile & revere him even more!

    Just had to get that one off my chest.

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