Footy date today

It’s a date!

Australian Rules aficionados, trivia tragics and numeric numbskulls look forward with great anticipation to the first official day of winter on Friday written as a date, Australian style, namely 1/6/12. Enjoy it while you can because this is the last year until 2107 that the calendar provides us with just the one scoreboard date. Next year we return to the twice-yearly occurrence with 2/1/13 and 1/7/13, with that pattern followed through until 2099.

Thankfully I won’t have to again live through those barren, date/scoreline-less years endured early in each new century. Maybe if fellow Bomber supporter Max Wiggins survives to reach his century (not totally improbable given his current tender years and the prospect of common centenarians by then), he’ll recall his life journey through the scoreless years (2000 – 2006), the one-off years (2007 – 2012) and the regular seasons (2013 – 2099), to clock up his personal milestone in 2100. Then he can start the cycle all over again!

Now if you want to hear a really good one about church, hymn numbers and the end times, get JTH to regale you with one of his childhood theological theses. The modern digital age where hymns and orders of service are projected onto a big screen has a lot to answer for in undermining his unique take on eschatology.



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