Footy Almanac Supercoach league

Dear friends,
It’s that time of the year again… where we all trade in and out our various rookie selections and smoky mid-price risks. Take advantage of those unlimited trades, because you’ve got three days before the Round 1 lockout.

I’ve set up a last-minute, traditional 18-team Supercoach league for any Almanackers who would like to join.

League code is: 620522.
League name: The Footy Almanac.
League games start in Round 3.


I’m hoping that we’ll run this as a paid league, e.g. we all chuck in ~$20 each, and split prize money between the winner, runner-up and maybe winner of the consolation finals. But we’d need to get a full 18 teams participating, so please pass on to friends/family etc.

If you’re interested in participating please join the league using the code supplied – we will sort out finances once we see how many are interested.



P.S. – If we only get 10, we may be able to start a smaller, 10-team league – those games start in Round 2, so we’d need to be onto it sooner rather than later.
P.P.S. – Any queries – just email me:


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Passionate about women's footy, gender equity and all forms of social justice. Mad Doggies fan and Supercoach aficionado.


  1. Yvette Wroby says:

    Hi Kate, am very impressed but am completely incapable of joining this at present. Well done.

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