Finals Week 3 – Adelaide v Geelong: Behind Me

Behind Me

Adelaide versus Geelong

7.20pm, Friday 22 September

Adelaide Oval

Aidan Hammond


On Monday this is a day that is important. This day is one whole week away from the Brownlow medal. This is where a player will get the biggest award a single person can get. Dusty is the favourite but Mitchell and Dangerfield will be up there.

This is also the day that the tickets go on sale for the finals today. The general public can get tickets at 2:00pm and members at 8:00am. We try and get on but can’t get 4 seats, so we can’t go. But there is a last minute website that you can get tickets on the day.

Fast Forwarding to Friday we look at the tickets and it is 200 dollars for one, maybe not. So we invite my grandparents and order pizza, we were going to go and get ice cream but we forgot to. I do some homework and at quarter past six my grandparents come.

I show them our garden but then the pre-game starts and I am straight into the footy. I haven’t really been that nervous the whole week. I am starting to be nervous, just thinking what would happen if we lose, and if we win. Come on Crows.

Like Lleyton Hewitt says before the game in one of his narrations. The Crows have resilience, Dean Bailey dying, and Phil Walsh died. Ther Crows first and second draft pick being lost. Tippett, Dangerfield all moving. But here we are in the prelim final.

Well the first thing that happens it is very even, early. But the Crows got it inside 50. It looks like Geelong will mop it up and they do. But the Crows set the tone for the match and do an amazing smother that results in a Charlie Cameron snap for goal.

So now the Crows get the ball inside the forward 50 and then Eddie Betts roves it off the pack and gets a goal. He set up the first goal and is now scored the second. The Cats get it inside 50 with a good ball to Patrick Dangerfield that he juggles but takes. He has the set shot and he misses, he should be disappointed with that.

Now Geelong Cats get another shot on goal at around the same place. This time it is Nakia Cockatoo gets a shot on goal and splits it right through the middle. Sam Jacobs plucks the ball in the middle of the pack. He scores. Lynch gets 2 goals. Eddie the master puts the Crows 31 points up at quarter time.

In the second quarter Crows get the early start and it is getting the Crows a good lead that makes the Crows get far in front. But Dangerfield is moved back to the midfield and Geelong get on a roll. They could have made it 21 points, but they miss. Then Sloane bumps into Patrick Dangerfield and Crows get the momentum, and they also get a goal and the siren.

In that quarter I was a lot more nervous but I am not as nervous anymore. Maybe because the pizza guy gives us the food. The pizza is really good. I need to give a reference to the Killer Tomato Pizzeria because they make very good pizza but we forgot icecream. Oh Well.

In the 3rd quarter, I am not stressed, I just see a pretty even game but Crows get the edge a bit. Charlie Cameron is playing well, I know he is going to be a legend because today he has improved his kicking. Right now it look like the Crows are going to play in a grand final.

The last quarter Geelong just drop off and the Crows are playing well. I am relaxing seeing the Crows smash. I am realizing that the Crows are going to make the grand Final. The siren goes. We were the best team all year. WE ARE IN A GRAND FINAL!!!!! 2012 is behind me.


ADELAIDE       6.3       11.7     14.10   21.10 (136)
GEELONG        1.2       5.8       8.11     10.15 (75)

 Cameron 5, Jenkins 4, Walker 2, Betts 2, Lynch 2, Seedsman 2, Jacobs, Otten, M.Crouch, Knight
Geelong: Dangerfield 2, Cockatoo, Duncan, Selwood, Lang, Hawkins, Motlop, Henderson, Menegola,

Adelaide: Laird, Cameron, M.Crouch, Seedsman, B.Crouch, Talia
Geelong: J.Selwood, Motlop, Taylor, Mackie, Dangerfield

Adelaide: Nil
Geelong: S.Selwood (hamstring), Lonergan (corked quad), J.Selwood (groin)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Rosebury, Stevic, Schmitt

Official crowd: 53,817 at Adelaide Oval


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  1. Feeling nervous Aidan? I maintain my faith in Pyke, he’ll have something a little tactically special up his sleeve.

  2. Go The Killer Tomato Pizzeria ! Thanks Aidan

  3. Thanks Guys,
    Don Pyke is a great coach, but I am still nervous.
    Yes Rulebook, the killer tomato is good.

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