Finals Week 2 – GWS v West Coast: Different



GWS versus West Coast

7:25pm, Saturday 16 September,

Spotless Stadium, Sydney

Aidan Hammond


Before I start the match report, I have some topics and questions to bring up.


  1. What is Spotless’ non-sponsor name. Footy has become such a franchised sport, I need to know the non sponsor name. We still have no sponsor for Walkerville Oval, please don’t change it to Duttons Oval or Fox Oval.
  2. Why do GWS play at Spotless and Geelong don’t get to play at Kardinia. Spotless is a little oval that they let prelims play at,  the Cattery has a bigger capacity and they don’t let them play there. You might say, where do they play? SCG. Geelong had to play against Richmond at the MCG, it is a dumb rule but at least let everything be equally dumb or scrap the idea, I personally like the second one.
  3. This game doesn’t feel like a final, why?  Maybe because of the quality difference, but congrats to Priddis, Mitchell and Petrie, brilliant playing careers that I would like to see continue on in the media or in the coaches box.
  4. The match tonight will tell us if 4, or 3 people can win the premiership. Geelong definitely have the capacity to beat Adelaide, but it will take some work. Adelaide can continue the Geelong winning streak. Richmond will be favourite to get up in the prelim. GWS could have the young talent that startles Richmond. West Coast can’t win at the G. Sorry guys. When you are at the Grand Final anything can happen


Ok, I have finished. Feel free to comment your opinions.  Now to the match report.


The first quarter basically sets the tone of the match, GWS scoring after West Coast make an error. You may not see a lot of the errors but on Talking Footy on Friday night I saw something interesting, if you are not a West Coast supporter. A little thing, Lewis Jetta just didn’t go hard enough at the ball. GWS score a goal.


I am not sure if GWS will back up the 16 point lead they have. Well I am sure in the next quarter. GWS kick 4 goals to 1 and dominate play, this is good to watch. But Stevie J has not kicked any goals. Will he be up for selection next week?


Well in the 3rd quarter to the GWS supporters happiness, the match is the same. Well that is in the outcome, Stevie J kicks more goals, West Coast supporters would not be happy this is not the send of Matt Priddis, Sam Mitchell, and Drew Petrie would have wanted.


Do I have to say what happens in the last quarter? GWS  blow away West Coast into the forgotten place. They could not even make the eight next year. Stevie J kicks a Stevie J snap and GWS will be versing Richmond in the prelim, and will lose.



GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY 5.4       9.7       15.10   19.11 (125)

WEST COAST                          3.0       4.2       5.2       9.4 (58)



Greater Western Sydney: Johnson 6, Greene 3, Patton 2, Shiel, Scully, Taranto, Ward, de Boer, Himmelberg, Deledio, Coniglio

West Coast: LeCras 2, Mitchell 2, Vardy, Kennedy, Shuey, Petrie, Darling


Greater Western Sydney: Coniglio, Whitfield, Johnson, Ward, Corr, Kelly, Shiel, Wilson

West Coast: Priddis, Shuey, Mitchell, Hurn, Redden


Greater Western Sydney: Nil

West Coast: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Stevic, Schmitt, Ryan

Official crowd: 14,865 at Spotless Stadium

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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Aidan, it looks like the official name is Sydney Showground Stadium.

  2. Ok, Thanks Swish.

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