Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Richmond: A Nutshell Analysis


Richmond brought to Geelong what Sydney bring to Geelong. The Cats are susceptible to pressure, and Richmond, to their credit, applied it in truckloads. For most of the night, the lid was kept precariously on the simmering pot, but the withdrawal of Cam Guthrie from the game lifted it. Dustin Martin escaped, and multiple goals sealed the result.


The Cats will need to find an answer to the pressure game because they are highly likely to get another massive serving of it next week.


As for the Tigers, well, that lid is well and truly off! The team and its legion will take each other for a heck of a ride. Good luck to them.

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Danny Russell, feet planted firmly in the island state, is easily led. "Scratcher" Neal led him to the Cats where his loyalty has remained (despite being sorely tested). The weekly magazine "The Story of Pop" led him to music beyond the focus of Tasmanian AM radio of the 70s.

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