Final DA Puzzle – Astle is hanging up the boots

Discover the world of David Astle here.

But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

Three current players are hidden in DA’s wordplay. The entire trio hails from the one club, with clues arranged from tame to tough. Who’s up this week?

1. Man got moving, trapping recluse (3,8)

2. Kid quest (4,4)

3. Just following heart craving (5,7)


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION: BULLDOGS: Jordan Rough/head, Daniel Cross [anag – W], Nick Lower [steal something that lows!]


DA Puzzle 11

Three more current players to figure out this week, hidden in DA’s wordplay. All three play for the one club, with clues arranged from friendly to fiendish. Who’s in this week’s squad?

1. River adjoins hazy promontory (6,9)

2. Quivering cowardliness out west (6,5)

3. Rustle? (4,5)



  1. Thanks DA, for all the misery you have caused and the weekly blow to the self-esteem to otherwise adjusted people.

  2. Thanks Harmsy – the Schadenfreude has been all mine.

  3. Thank you, DA, for the weekly brain workout. I am as bamboozled as most other weeks! Best wishes.

  4. Matt Zurbo says

    DA, my brain is not big enough, or sharp enough, ever!!! Thanks for the constant defeats!!! Sausage Rolls to your future endevours!

  5. Thanks gang – I’ve enjoyed the great solving, and inspired desperation, from you guys as well.

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