FIDA footy film wins two awards

Mark Hellinger and Jesse Maskell have won the People’s Choice and Cultural Diversity awards at the 2015 Setting Sun Short Film Festival. Their film Road To Glory tells the story of the Williamstown Seagulls FIDA Football Club in the lead up to their thrilling 2014 premiership.

The club plays in a league for footballers with intellectual disabilities. “Diversity is the only way forward. These awards are for anyone who knows there are people on the margins, and that we need to welcome them in,” said Jesse Maskell. Mark Hellinger acknowledged the generosity of the club and players in allowing the filmmakers to spend time with them over a number of weeks.

The Setting Sun Short Film Festival is based in Melbourne’s west, with the awards, and most screenings, held at the art-deco Sun Theatre in Yarraville.

“I grew up coming here and walking out with stars in my eyes,” said Jesse Maskell, “so it’s really special to watch our film on the big screen. We thank the theatre, the sponsors, the festival’s director  – Anna Bourozikas, and all the film-makers.”

Jesse Maskell (left) and Mark Hellinger

Jesse Maskell (left) and Mark Hellinger

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  1. This film really moved me, just fantastic to see how being involved in footy can do wonders for anyone’s morale, but particularly those who are disabled. And I reckon that the sound track used in the finishing sequences really helped add gravitas to the whole thing, but then Bach is my favourite composer!

  2. I agree with Peter, incredibly moving film. Fantastic story of community and inclusion and how powerful footy can be.

    Congrats, Mark and Jesse. Well deserved.

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