WAFL – Prelim Final: Falcons into the GF, Demon wins Sandover

2015 Sandover Medal winner Aidan Tropiano (Perth). Photo by Les Everett

2015 Sandover Medal winner Aidan Tropiano (Perth). Photo by Les Everett

West Perth mastered a windy Arena Joondalup in the WAFL preliminary final to earn another crack at Subiaco.

East Perth looked good kicking with the breeze in the first quarter and led by 20 points at the first break in a game full of turnovers. By half time the Falcons were in front and when scores were level at three quarter time the writing was on the wind.

The star for the Falcons was full forward (if such position still exists) Michael Lourey who marked brilliantly, moved well and kicked six goals. Joe Morrow was very impressive in defence with his intercept marking a highlight, Marcus Adams was also good in the back line though how he escaped scrutiny for a brutal tackle on Brant Colledge escapes me, Nic Rodda was a useful big presence in the forward line while Aaron Black, Shane Nelson and Steven Browne again did their bit in the midfield.

Mitchell Fraser and Garry Moss battled hard in the East Perth defence, Paul Johnson did well in the ruck and Corey Adamson did some good things.

Subiaco and West Perth were clearly the top two teams in 2015 and it’s fitting they’ll meet in the grand final.

Meanwhile two of the main fancies for the Sandover Medal appeared to be somewhat fanciful prospects. Aidan Tropiano’s team Perth won just two games for the season while Subiaco’s Sam Menegola played his first game for the year in round 11 so played just 12 games.

Tropiano polled four votes in the final round to pip Ashton Hams of South Fremantle by a vote and Menegola finished third. Despite Perth’s dismal season Tropiano maintained remarkable consistency and polled in 15 games.

Both Tropiano and Menegola are strong ball winning midfielders and former East Fremantle players.

The leader board…

Aidan Tropiano (Perth) – 45 votes

Ashton Hams (South Fremantle) – 44

Sam Menegola (Subiaco) – 41

Ryan Davis (Swan Districts) – 37

Aaron Black (West Perth) – 37*

Chris Phelan (Subiaco) – 35

Paul Johnson (East Perth) – 33

Matt Riggio (Swan Districts) – 32

Liam Anthony (East Fremantle) – 31

Ryan Neates (Claremont) – 30

* Last year’s winner Aaron Black was ineligible.

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  1. Dennis Gedling says

    Can’t wait for Sunday. The last two times we’ve played them in a Grand Final we’ve been successful so here’s hoping. 1995 was a 20 year drought breakers and the first in my life time so that holds special resonance with me personally.

    Saying all this though, West Perth will have to pull something out of their arse much like Subi last season to win their 20th flag. MON THE CARDIES!

  2. Good to see both the East Perth Eagles and the Peel Dockers missing out on the WAFL GF. The AFL clubs have done enough in ruining the local comp. Can’t imagine us being as sanguine if both our teams miss out this weekend.
    What has happened with the #9 and #7 telecast brouhaha now that the garlic munchers have made the GF?
    Our nephew Brandon is playing for Swannies in the Reserves GF. Big occasion.
    Go you mighty Black Ducks.
    Regards from Croatia for 2 more sleeps.

  3. West Perth agreed to wear a Variety logo on their jumper for the last two games so they could be on TV.
    Great watching the local media tip toe around this issue… everyone is compromised.

    8500 turned up at Arena Joondalup last Sunday… if fans aren’t worn out – we could have a big GF crowd on Sunday – particularly with no East Perth or Peel. Subiaco Oval may collapse after this weekend.. two AFL preliminary finals and the WAFL grand final, there’s never been anything like it.

    How have the French reacted to the Nic Nat All Oz omission Peter_B?

  4. Les I have it on good authority the frogs said sac re blur with the omission of NN – carn the monts ……XX
    PS Sorry for being glib.

  5. Have arranged a crack team of French commando frogmen on alert for another Rainbow Warrior style revenge attack on AFL HQ in the event of any Vic-Centric umpiring on the weekend.
    The Zestuk Orao (as the Avenging Eagle) is known in her Croatian homeland, has me on notice about the fast wifi solution for AFL Live Pass this weekend. At least the Purple Haze are on first on Friday so I can check if the fast data sim card does what her cousin at the phone shop (everyone in Croatia is related) has promised. No live feed on Saturday and she is on the first plane home, and I am paying (not just financially).
    Sounds like a grand weekend for WA footy. Enjoy.

  6. Looking forward to the story of how you and AE were able to follow the match PB.

  7. Go Subi
    Go Eagles
    Go Dockers
    Go Subi Oval
    Go WA Footy

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