Eastern Districts Tennis Association Grand Final: East Torrens Kensington Gardens v Athelstone – Why Me?

Why Me?

East Torrens Kensington Gardens versus Athelstone

8:30am, Saturday, 9 October

Trinity Gardens Tennis Club

Aidan Hammond


I was so nervous before the game. It is the Grand Final and we had won every game. We got ready and told everyone it was at Athelstone. But we got confused and it is at Trinity Gardens. I haven’t lost a set in two seasons, I am really nervous.

The doubles start, we lose the toss, we get to serve. I serve first, we get the first 2 games and are playing well, they get a game. We get four more, they get a game we get one more. We win 6-2. I am not as nervous as I was before, now all we need to do is win one more singles.

I start off against one of the best players. I am not playing well to start off with. I lose the first three games. I got one back and then he gets one, I win three of the next four games. It is 5-4 and I am losing. That was the point last time I played him I was in this position and I won 6-5. 30 – 15. Then my fitbit fell off. I got distracted. I lose focus, and lose the set 6-4.

The last bit is my other teammate and the opposition play. It is a good game. I finish my set when my teammate is 5-5, 40-40. No advantages. Last point wins.

They win, we have lost the grand final.

Why me?

That happened to the Walkerville U11 red team, against Golden Grove. I can learn from this. First overall doesn’t have to win, bring it on Payneham.



Doubles: ETKG 6 Athelstone 2

Singles: ETKG 4 Athelstone 6

Singles: ETKG 5 Athelstone 6

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  1. And learn from it you did. Good job Walky!

  2. Well played, Aidan. Bad luck!

  3. Thanks guys!

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