Double trouble for Saints on Friday

If the pattern established by recent Saints-Cats clashes continue, Roscoe and company have a confidence-sapping eight-goal walloping to contemplate on Friday night.

Middle of last year, St K beat Ceelong by six points oal in the classic Round 15 encounter. Then in the Grand Final Geelong turned the tables by 12 points, or two goals. Mid season, in was the Saints turn again, this time by 24 points.

Alternating winners, by exactly one, then two, then four goals….


  1. I like this rule, Rick! It gives me some hope! Unfortunatly, every rule must be broken at some point, and I think the game tomorrow night is absolutely going to go down to the wire.

    Of course, if the Cats DO win by 48 points, consider yourself an Almanac Footy god. We shall make a statue in your honour down at the Cattery (but I won’t be looking forward to a 16 goal hiding next time we meet!)

  2. John Butler says


    This is such a St. Kilda way to look at life! Show some faith!

  3. Peter Flynn says

    A geometric sequence.

  4. David Downer says

    The extrapolation here leaves the possibility of a St Kilda 96pt win over Geel in the GF.

    Should be an enjoyable afternoon.


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