Round 8 – West Coast v St Kilda: Double Rainbow In The West But No Pot Of Gold For The Saints

By Braham Dabscheck

Sunday 15 May 2.40 PM

Domain Stadium


The sun was shining bright. And then it rained; a sun shower in autumn. The wind blew one way and then the other way. The sun came out again, and then it rained again and then stopped and waxed and waned about what it would do next. It was one of those sort of days. Then as twilight descended, the sun shined brightly to brighten up the doom that was on display. Yes, it was one of those sort of days. There was slipping and sliding, but not much fun to be had. And to top of everything, a double rainbow appeared above the stadium to provide a surreal beauty that would have convinced Salvador Dali that he had wasted his life using clocks as a distorted motif to confuse people into buying his wares. And, of course, the obvious question that needs to be asked is what did Salvador Dali ever do for the Saints?

Yes, it was one of those games that are best forgotten if you are a Saints fan looking for signs of salvation on the Ides of May in the West. The Saints just had one of those horror games where nothing went right. The ball was bounced and the Eagles had a goal in the first 20 seconds. Then another and another; three in barely as many minutes. The Saints couldn’t get their hands on the ball. The Eagles added another six in the first quarter. It wasn’t so much that the Saints were bad (like the game against the Giants): rather the Eagles were on song (like the game against the Dogs). The only positive, if you can call it that is there was only one goal given up from a Saints’ howler; the Eagles last for the quarter.

The game was done and dusted at quarter time. The Saints were more competitive thereafter but whatever they tried didn’t work. Hand passes went astray, short kicks missed their target, long kicks didn’t work, players fell over, marks were dropped and shots for goal either from general play or a mark went anywhere but between the big sticks. The coup de grace occurred with a couple of minutes to go in the last quarter. The Saints finished the game the way they started conceding three goals in as many minutes; the last being a howler served up on a plate to lose by over 100 points.

A game best forgotten. The Saints wont play as badly as this again. A set back in a long journey in search of Footy’s pot of gold.

Go Saints!


West Coast Eagles:   9.3   12.5   15.8   20.12 (132)

St. Kilda:                       1.3    1.9    2.10    3.11 (29)



West Coast Eagles: LeCras 6, Kennedy 5, Hutchings 2, Darling 2, Cripps, Lycett, Hill, McGovern, Yeo.

St. Kilda: Steven, Bruce, Weller.



West Coast Eagles: Gaff, Shuey, Naitanui, Kennedy, Masten.

St. Kilda: Montagna, Ross, Riewoldt, Steven, Roberton.


Umpires: Dalgleish, Farmer, Ryan.


Crowd: 36,140.


Our Votes: Gaff 3 (WCE), Shuey 2 (WCE), Naitanui 1 (WCE).

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  1. Amen. What game? At times like this memory loss is an advantage

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