Dons too good on the night.

Here I am, home alone, as a mad Cats fan, writing about the Dons and the Doggies game.  I hate the Bombers with a passion but I do hope they win, for two reasons. Firstly the dogs have been a disappointment all year and don’t deserve a finals series, and secondly, I tipped the Dons. I’m winning my tipping league so I’m taking it quite seriously. I am also in supercoach finals but only have one player from this game, Easton Wood, who has been a disappointment, quite like his team but I stuck with him from the start of the year to now.


The Bombers get away to a good quick start, with Essendon pretty boy Jobe Watson kicking their first; they get another one in moments and are looking the goods. Big Bad Bustling Bazza kicks the Doggies first and he’s quite happy about it too.  He and Dustin Fletcher seem like senior citizens compared to their respective teammates.  The Bombers look too quick and smart for the Doggies and are showing it on the scoreboard. They kick away and the Doggies don’t kick another for the quarter. Quarter time, bombers are up by 33.


The second quarter starts a little differently with Zaharakis going down with injured ribs, and Barry Hall kicking his second of the game.  The Bombers soon after kick their first behind of the game. Alwyn Davey marks inside 50 and kicks his first. My boy, Easton Wood loses his cool and knocks Davey down after he kicks the goal and Davey is rewarded with a second goal. Wood, of course, is dragged for his stupidity, and the Bombers are up by 40.  The Doggies kick a few in row and look like they might be onto something, but of course, the Bombers have to spoil the party.  They kick the next 5 to the Doggies 1 to run out the quarter. The man in his 50th game, who supposedly had injured ribs, kicked 2 in that quarter. His name: David Zaharakis.


The Doggies seem like a one man team, with hall being the only option up forward, and the only man looking like he is a hungry for a finals berth. I heard an interesting fact at half time. Bulldogs big man, Ben Hudson is 6th in the AFL for hard ball gets. For a big man, I am quite impressed.


The third quarter is “the premiership quarter”, funny thing is, these two teams don’t look like winning any silverware anytime soon. The Bombers and the Doggies may look speedy and exciting but are too inconsistent to win a complete finals series.


Both teams start the 3rd term off well, but once again, the Doggies look like the have more of the goods early. Hille kicks a good goal. But the man with the mop on his head, Luke Dahlhaus kicks two amazing, team-lifting goals and Big Bad Bazza kicks his fourth. The Doggies kick 2 more and they’re back in it. 24 points down but looking a lot quicker and fitter. Hall misses three crucial goals, which hurt the Dogs, but they still dominate the play. Hille kicks his second for the quarter and stretches the lead back out to 30 points.


The Dogs become wasteful, by missing some easy shots on goal, they miss 5 in a row and the Dons kick another two. The quarter ends with the Bombers up by a 40 – point lead. The game could just be out of reach for the gallant Bulldogs.


The Bulldogs kick the first with a few scrappy disposals ending with a hall goal in the square.  There is a 10 minute run of no scoring, that nearly puts me to sleep, but luckily ends with Hurley kicking his 4th.  After the goal the ball is quickly switched to the other end and Big Bad Barry kicks his 6th. He is retiring after this season but looks like he could play another two with tonight’s form. Higgins kicks another for the Doggies, but it looks out of reach with only 11 minutes to go. To make matter worse for the dogs, Dale Morris badly breaks his leg and Alwyn Davey kicks a goal. It looks like game over for the Doggies. The Dons kick another couple and the margin is out to 50 points.


A few more goals are kicked and the final margin is Essendon by 49 points. They have just about claimed a spot in the top 8, and I got my tip right. On the sadder side of things,  my man, Easton Wood only scored 46 on supercoach. And Rocket Eade’s coaching future is in doubt.


My Votes: Stanton 3, Hall 2, Ryder 1

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