Demon young guns impress, but Dogs know how to win.

About time this week is over. It seemed to drag on forever, and once that final bell rang on Friday at 3:22PM, I knew I was free to enjoy myself for the next couple of days. This also meant the footy is back. But what I was most looking forward too was playing footy on the Saturday morning against Katunga. Waaia v Katunga, the Collingwood v Carlton of the Picola League. Playing against close friends and enemies, a win would mean the world to us Waaia boys. As Friday night came upon everyone, I started feeling nervous about the match. But, to take the mind off things, watching the footy on TV is a good idea.

With every footy card collected this year, I decide to occupy myself while watching the game by arranging the cards in order, from Adelaide to Western Bulldogs. The match began, and the Demons in pink and the blue don’t get off to a good start with Matthew Boyd, back in the side after a broken hand, kicking the first goal on the run from just inside 50. Brennan Stack, playing his first game of the season, gathered and snapped a goal, before Shaun Higgins kicked a classy goal to get a handy buffer. The Demons fought back, but couldn’t convert on the scoreboard, and at quarter time they trailed by 14 points, 0.6 to 3.2.

The second quarter began and Andrejs Everitt goaled from a good transition, before Aaron Davey gathered and kicked a great goal from a long kick. Matthew Bate took a mark on the lead and converts, and the margin was suddenly only nine points. Jarrad Grant capitalized from a turnover, kicking his first, before a great grubber goal from deep in the forward pocket by Jamie Bennell saw the margin cut to eight points at the main break, 5.5 to 3.7.

With Tom Scully, Jack Grimes, Jack Trengove, Bennell and Jordan McKenzie really showing potential and class, the Demons started to get on top in the second half. Josh Hill, a late inclusion for Jordan Roughead, kicked the first goal to extend the margin out to 14. Bate gathered and snapped a good goal on his left, before Brad Green received a handball, releasing him to run straight into an open goal, the margin was just one point. The Bulldogs go forward and Jason Akermanis snapped his first of 2010, the Dogs attack again through Hill who goaled, but Scully, playing an absolute blinder, snapped a terrific goal after some great work by first-gamer Danny Hughes. A late running goal by Nathan Jones saw the margin sliced to three points at the last change, 7.10 to 8.7.

The final quarter was set, Melbourne had all the momentum, and it showed with Bate kicking his third to put the Dees in front! Hughes is given a free kick and goals, and the game is over, the margin at nine points as the Dogs can’t seem to find any option forward. Barry Hall is held out of the match by Matthew Warnock and James Frawley, but little did they know a Bulldog was sneaking forward. Hiding behind the invisible trees on the field, he found his way to the goalsquare, where he gathered the ball and snapped a ripper over his shoulder. Brian Lake had put them back in it. He was then given a free kick on the boundary line, he ran around and snapped what looked like a goal, but only one finger was raised. The margin was two points, Melbourne in front.

Despite picking the Bulldogs and despite having quite a good affection towards the ‘Scray, I willed Melbourne on, wanting them to win. They deserved it. But sometimes things just weren’t meant to happen. Melbourne weren’t meant to win this game. Ryan Griffen, hardly sighted by my eyes all night, got control of a wild ball in the forward 50; he was in the forward pocket. He snapped, the ball bounced a few times. Warnock couldn’t get there, the ball went through for a goal, the Dogs were back in front. Jim Stynes’ hopes were dashed, just like many of the Melbourne supporters including Steve Healy, who would be absolutely livid. The umpires, dressed in pink and blue as well, were causing a headache for some of the Demons’ players, with a strong clash between the two. The umpires will avoid the blame somehow though. Expect a hefty fine coming your way Melbourne. The Dees couldn’t work the ball forward; the Dogs had done a reverse of last week, snatching the win from the jaws of defeat. Last week it was vice-versa. As the rain slowed, the steady flow of red and blue fans made their way out of the stadium, but the Doggies supporters stayed to lap up the victory, 10.10.70 to 9.12.66. A great game of football.

The biggest thing I looked forward to tonight was seeing Melbourne’s youngsters play. This was the first time I’d seen them (I didn’t watch the North v Melbourne game last week) and they impressed me immensely. Scully had 39 possessions, Grimes had 28, Trengove had 26 and McKenzie had 24. That’s outstanding for a pack of teenagers. But, sadly, the Dogs knew how to win this game. The Dees didn’t.

Melbourne 0.6—3.9—7.10—9.12.66

Western Bulldogs 3.2—5.5—8.7—10.10.70


Melbourne-Bate 3, Jones, Hughes, Davey, Bennell, Green, Scully

Western Bulldogs-Hill 2, Lake, Griffen, Boyd, Higgins, Stack, Grant, Everitt, Akermanis


Melbourne-Scully, Jones, Grimes, Trengove, Bate, Bennell, Hughes, Bruce

Western Bulldogs-Higgins, Giansiracusa, Hudson, Cross, Cooney


45,444 at the MCG


3: Tom Scully (M)

2: Nathan Jones (M)

1: Shaun Higgins (WB)

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. John Butler says

    How’d the big game go Josh?

  2. Not too good at all JB, 9.10.64 to 3.4.22, although if not for a bad third quarter, Waaia would have only lost by about 10-15 points.

  3. That’s exactly what I said in Round 4 :(

    Match will be remembered for two things, Scully’s coming out…I mean breakout game :| and the pink fiasco.

  4. Steve Healy says

    the umpires lost us the game in more ways than one.

    Good report Josh, but saying that the dees “didn’t know how to win the game” was a bit harsh, we lost out it out of nowhere, and out of bad luck, i think its a term that is used to much in footy and with the way the demons are going we “know how to win” every week. And I have to point out that Jack Grimes is 20 years old, turning 21 on the day as Danni’s birthday

  5. Jeffrey says

    Good report Barn,

    Katunga won all games bar the seniors, i disagree on comment two Waaia wouldn’t of got anywhere near that close to us if you guys played better in the third. Anyway hope i didn’t make you too dizzy.

    P.S. What did Mrs. Barney say to me when I was playing on Ralph in the third term ?

  6. It was like 5 goals to 1 in the third quarter, so if we kept it at 1 goal each like we had in the first half, that’s around about a 3 goal win.

    She said that Jenny Craig would make a fortune with you two.

  7. Jeffrey says

    Lol ! Good one Jenny !

  8. johnharms says

    Re Mrs Barney’s comment: Josh my first ever lol. (Can’t believe I have just written it).

  9. Use it wisely, grasshopper.

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